This Is Auburn Auxiliary Services TigerCard & Tiger Club Accounts

TigerCard & Tiger Club Accounts

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TigerCard & Tiger Club Accounts

Student checking out a book at the library

The TigerCard is the official Auburn University student identification card that is utilized across campus. It is used to check out books at the University libraries, entry into University related events, and swipe access to labs and residential buildings. The TigerCard is also used to access the Tiger Club Accounts and the established Dining meal plans.

Our Office is constantly researching new and better ways to meet the needs of Auburn University’s students. We recently implemented new technology that provides new students to self-upload their own ID photographs through our website. While we still offer the traditional ability for students to come into our Office to have their ID picture taken, this new addition gives students the ability to select an image of their choice.

To learn more about how to acquire your TigerCard or how it is utilized at Auburn University, please visit our website, call (334)844-4507, or email

Last Modified: July 07, 2017