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The Auburn University Regional Airport

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The Auburn University Regional Airport was first constructed in 1930 and originally served as a private airfield for the cities of Auburn and Opelika in addition to the Alabama Polytechnic Institute (API). Over the next decade the airport would transition from a private airfield into a training ground for the U.S. Military as a Navy/CAA War Training School which would set the foundation to become the present day School of Aviation.

Bill Hutto has served as the Airport Director for the Auburn University Regional Airport and taught at Auburn University since 2001. Since 2001 Hutto has persistently researched the latest innovations in aviation that would benefit not only the Airport, but also Lee County and the state of Alabama.

One of the newest additions to the School of Aviation is the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight School which propelled Auburn University to become one of the nation’s first FAA-authorized institutions of higher education in April 2016.

“These unmanned craft can do incredible things. With geo-fencing programming, they will fly within coordinates, but an operator still needs to understand how it works and what to do if something does go wrong,” Hutto said. “It’s like a commercial pilot flying on autopilot – what happens if something goes wrong with the aircraft? That’s what we want to do with the UAS flight school.”

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The Auburn University Regional Airport

AU Regional Airport plane on runway

The Auburn University Air Transportation Department is a professionally operated service that was designed to provide safe and efficient transportation for Auburn University personnel on official business. Our pilots are full-time professionals and have more than 100 years of experience in the aviation industry. In keeping with the highest industry standards, our pilots attend recurrent ground and simulator training from one of the nation's leading flight training facilities. Air Transportation is available to Auburn University faculty, staff, and official guests 365 days a year. Since the inception of Air Transportation Services, we have covered over 10 million passenger miles.

Ron Pilz has served as the Director of Air Transportation since 200X and consistently ensures the Auburn University Regional Airport provides everyone a secured, skilled, and enjoyable environment. With the new 26,000-square-foot flight terminal completed in late 2010 we provide several needed rooms for flight planning, a crew lounge with sleep rooms for pilots, two conference rooms, airport staff offices and more than 5,000 square feet of lease space for aviation-related businesses.

For more information about Auburn University’s Air Transportation visit our website, or call (334)844-4216.

Last Modified: July 07, 2017