Auburn University's Air Transportation Department (ATD) is a professionally operated service that was designed solely to provide safe and efficient transportation for Auburn University personnel on official business.

Our pilots are full-time professionals and have more that 100 years of experience in the aviation industry. In keeping with the highest industry standards, our pilots attend recurrent ground and simulator training from one of the nation's leading flight training facilities.

Air Transportation is available to Auburn University faculty, staff, and official guests 365 days a year. Since the inception of Air Transportation Services some 42 years ago, we have covered over 10 million passenger miles.

The next time you need to make travel arrangements contact Air Transportation.

We are located at the Auburn University Regional Airport (AUO) two miles east of Auburn University.


Why You Should Fly With Us


  • Pilot and crew are AU employees
  • Fly in a university owned jet aircraft
Time Saving
  • No lengthy security checks
  • No long drive to and from the airport
  • Meet and discuss business in flight
  • Handle your business and return the same day
  • Easy access to large cities and most small, out-of-the-way destinations
  • Soft drinks and snacks are available during your flight
  • Additional catering can be provided with 48 hours advance notice
  • Short notice flights available
  • Reduce or eliminate rental car, fuel, per-diem expenses
  • No need to book months in advance
  • Since travel time is minimized, you'll reduce time away from your job