The Office of International Programs typically offers a study abroad program in Daegu, South Korea each year. Student participants study at Keimyung University where they are provided housing and food. During the program students receive six (6) course credits and learn about Korean language and culture through classes and excursions to various places in South Korea.

Korean Studies and Culture Program

Overview: The program gives students the unique opportunity to learn Korean language at every skill level and engage in the culture of South Korea, all while being partnered with a Korean 'buddy' for the duration of the three-week stay. The program is held at Keimyung University in Daegu, South Korea and led by Dr. Ellie Lee. In this program, students receive 33 hours of Korean language class, 8 hours of Korean culture lectures, 16 hours of cultural tours in Daegu, two cultural field trips outside of Daegu, and more!

Eligibility: All Auburn University students who meet a 2.25 minimum institutional grade point average and have no pending judicial sanctions can apply for this program.

Course: Students receive credit for INTL 3930 - Korean Studies and Culture (6 credit hours).

Student Testimonials

  • "My study abroad in South Korea was an amazing, unforgettable experience that I encourage everyone to go on. Immersing yourself in a different culture can help you broaden your views on many aspects of life. I enjoyed embracing a different life away from home and meeting culturally diverse individuals." – Arju
  • "I would encourage anyone who is thinking about it, to go on the summer study abroad program in Daegu, South Korea. I am an experienced language learner and traveler, and I loved this program! Our hosts at Keimyung University were so lovely and welcoming. You could tell that they gave a lot of thought to what program participants would need and want while being so far from home. Every day we were immersed in the language through interactive classes with expert teachers. Then, our hosts would take us on interesting excursions where we would learn about the history of South Korea and its contemporary culture. But, to be honest, I think the food was enough reason to go! Never have I eaten so much delicious food." – Traci
  • "We got to experience modern and traditional Korean culture and the beauty of the country as a whole. Though I had done so much research for years, I was pleasantly surprised just how much culture there was to see in South Korea and how different it was depending on the city, or even region of Daegu we went to. Overall, this program was life-changing in all of the best ways and I look forward to exploring even more in the future." – Shai

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Last Updated: March 21, 2022