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Faculty Internationalization Grants

The Office of International Programs announces the 2018 - 2019 Faculty Internationalization Grants competition. This program will provide seed grants to individual faculty or small faculty groups representing academic programs to increase internationalization at Auburn. These seed funds are to be used to develop new programs and collaborations that will be integrated into departmental curricula or research portfolios. Proposals from faculty are invited in the following categories:

  • developing internationalized courses and curricula
  • linking with overseas classrooms through technology
  • establishing international research collaborations

Priority will be given to faculty, departments and programs that do not yet have established collaborations overseas. Faculty seeking awards for internationalizing their research/scholarship should develop travel in collaboration with their departmental colleagues, heads and college/school academic leadership, focusing on geographic or thematic areas important to their unit. OIP may solicit input from the school/college of the proposer(s) to ensure alignment with larger unit goals and ongoing efforts. Grants will not be awarded for the development of study abroad or exchange programs this year.

Awards will be in the range of $5000 and can be used for international travel to establish academic or research programing and program logistics. Grant funds must be used by September 1, 2019 or the award will be forfeited.

Proposals should not exceed two pages and should be submitted by December 3, 2018 to Jenn Mason, director of international initiatives, at

A proposal should include:

  1. A description of the collaboration being proposed and where it fits into the curriculum or research portfolio of a department or college
  2. An outline and timeline of the activities to be undertaken under the grant
  3. If internationalizing scholarship, a description of the outcomes of the planned travel and impact of the travel on the faculty member’s research program
  4. If an academic collaboration, a projection of the number and type of students who will participate in the program
  5. A budget outlining project expenses. Budgets can include travel and incidental supplies. No equipment or salary will be covered without prior approval. Cost-sharing is encouraged but not mandatory.

Any questions can be directed to Jenn Mason at

Faculty Grant Recipients
2017 Faculty Internationalization Grant recipients
  • Tiffany Sippial, Honors College Director, “Celia Sanchez Manduley: The Creation of Cuba’s New Woman"
  • Baker Ayoun, June M. Henton Associate Professor, Nutrition, Dietetics and Hospitality, “Research Collaborations and Classroom Enrichment with UAE”
  • Kelly Ann Krawczyk, Assistant Professor, Political Science, “Public Administration, Civil Society and Development in Ghana”
  • Salman Azhar, Wilborn Professor and Graduate Program Chair, McWhorter School of Building Science, “Establishing International Research Collaborations in Advanced Building Information Modeling, Construction Automation and 3D Printing Technologies”

For additional information on faculty grants for international programs or study abroad or exchange programs, please contact the Office of International Programs at 334-844-5001.

Last Updated: March 21, 2022