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Global Teaching Academy
Global Teaching Academy 2015

The Office of International Programs created the Global Teaching Academy to recognize and celebrate exceptional teaching in an international context.

Please explore this page to see current members and this year’s inaugural class. Members will be inducted into the Phi Beta Delta Honorary Society for International Scholars.

  • Recognize our peers for their interest and efforts in globalizing Auburn's curriculum
  • Facilitate international course offerings on campus
  • Assist in creating an academic International Minor
  • Fund Academy faculty with modest support for international travel in recognition of their internationalization efforts

As we live in a real global village, where every part of the world is becoming increasingly interconnected, understanding global issues and their impact on society is more important than ever. Companies like Mercedes, Airbus, Hyundai and Honda have made Alabama their home. As the state’s land-grant university, Auburn University is committed to providing the resources for students to acquire an education that prepares them to be global citizens, for faculty to facilitate international scholarship and collaborate with international peers, and for all personnel to support Alabama’s success by crossing natural and national boundaries to address international issues. This symposium will showcase many of the initiatives taking place on and off campus and will serve as inspiration for students, faculty and staff interested in starting, nurturing and increasing their international awareness and strategies. Attendees will not only hear from experts in the field but will be able to interact and brainstorm with workshop leaders and peers in open discussions. Panels are tailored to offer topic presentations followed by Q/A sessions. Registration is free and open to all. Due to the current pandemic situation, all activities will be virtual. Links to the sessions will be provided upon completion of the registration form. Attendees will also receive goodies and material related to the different sessions selected.

Selection Process
  • The Academy will add five to six faculty per year, recognized for their international teaching
  • Nominations will be invited from tenure-track faculty in May
  • Faculty need simply to provide a CV highlighting their teaching of international content, either on-campus or overseas

More Information

For more information or questions, please contact Jenn Mason, director of international initiatives, at

Academy Faculty

2023 GTA Inductees

  • Brigitta Brunner, Professor, Communication and Journalism
  • Adeola Fayemi, Director of Intercultural Education and Inclusion, International Programs
  • Jorge Muñoz, Associate Professor, World Languages, Literatures and Cultures
  • Luke Oeding, Associate Professor, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Amna Salman, Assistant Professor, Building Science
  • Jennifer Smith, Assistant Professor, Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture
  • Matthew Waters, Associate Professor, Crop Soil and Environmental Science
  • Kate Thornton, Director of Global Education, Human Sciences

2022 GTA Inductees

  • Garry L. Adams, Associate Professor, Department of Management, Harbert College of Business
  • Kelly Ann Krawczyk, Associate Professor and Ph.D. Program Director, Department of Political Science, College of Liberal Arts
  • Dan Padgett, Associate Professor, Department of Marketing, Harbert College of Business

2019 GTA Inductees

  • Paul Harris, Department Chair and Professor of Political Science, College of Liberal Arts
  • Wayde Morse, Associate Professor of Natural Resource Sociology, School of Forestry & Wildlife Sciences
  • Martin O’Neill, Department Head and Professor of Nutrition, Dietetics & Hospitality Management, College of Human Sciences
  • Tiffany Sippial, Director of Honors College and Associate Professor of History, College of Liberal Arts

2018 GTA Inductees

  • Anna Riehl Bertolet, Associate Professor of English
  • Jill Crystal, Curtis O. Liles III Professor of Political Science
  • Traci Suzanne O’Brien, Associate Professor, Chair - Department of Foreign Language
  • James Witte, Professor - Adult Education

2016 GTA Inductees

  • Salman Azhar, associate professor of Building Science See more
  • Craig Bertolet, professor of English See more
  • William Buskist, Distinguished Professor in the Teaching of Psychology See more
  • Adrienne Duke, assistant professor of Human Development & Family Studies See more
  • Jung Won Hur, associate professor in Educational Foundations, Leadership, and Technology See more
  • Tarik Orgen, professor of Architecture
  • Giovanna Summerfield, professor & Associate Dean of Educational Affairs See more

2015 GTA Inductees

  • Gisela Buschle-diller, professor of Polymer and Fiber Engineering See more
  • Daniel Butler, Thomas Walter Chair of Technology Management & Marketing; executive director of Global Programs in the College of Business See more
  • J. Scott Finn, associate professor of Architecture See more
  • James Groccia, professor of Higher Education See more
  • Valentina Hartarska, professor of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology and professor of Finance See more
  • Scott Kramer, professor of Building Science See more
  • Zdenko Krtic, associate professor of Art See more
  • Christopher Shook, Russell Professor and chair of Management See more

2014 GTA Inductees

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