Study America/Cultural Heritage Excursions

The Study America program and Cultural Heritage Excursions provide experiential opportunities for cultural exploration and immersion for international and domestic students through travel to United States-focused and United States-based ethnic/cultural festivals and iconic cultural destinations. The purpose of the initiatives is to raise awareness of the importance of responsible citizenship, leadership and community engagement and an appreciation of cultural roots and heritage. The trips provide the opportunity for meaningful interaction and social bonding between domestic and international participants, and it promotes internationalization at home.

Spring 2023 Cultural Heritage Excursion

March 18 (Details TBA)

Study America 2022

Walt Disney World: Leadership Strategies Program

Auburn University Fall Break: October 6-9, 2022


  • $750 – Includes resort hotel stay, transportation and a three-day park hopper pass
  • This cultural excursion provides a unique opportunity to learn about leadership skills that underlie Walt Disney's business strategy including a behind-the-scenes immersion into the day-to-day operations of the iconic destination. International and domestic students will have meaningful interactions and develop social bonding as they ride a bus to and from Orlando, Florida, and make long lasting friendships that will continue long after the fall break.
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Last Updated: January 19, 2023