ALEKS Math Placement Test

AU Students Enrolled Summer/Fall 2021 or Later



ALEKS Math Placement Test:

For students enrolling Summer/Fall 2021 or later, Auburn will be offering the ALEKS Math Placement Test as the primary method for determining mathematics course placement. Students may take the ALEKS Math Placement Test up to three times, and the highest of the three scores will be used to determine mathematics course placement. All incoming students should take the test prior to participating in orientation.

Incoming students may access the ALEKS Math Placement test once their enrollment deposit has been paid. To access the test, students should log into AU Access and click on the “Student Menu” icon from the “My Academics” page. From there, select the link for “ALEKS Math Placement Test.” (See images below).

Students will need to have registered for the Duo 2-Factor Authentication in order to access ALEKS. Instructions for registering for Duo can be found here. Learning modules are also available on the ALEKS site to assist with test preparation.

    Placement Test Icons

Image of AUACCESS page for students to find the student menu