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Emphasizing health and safety

Auburn University Human Resources (AUHR) has developed this page to share HR-related resources and information regarding COVID-19.

This page includes links to news articles, topics related to COVID-19 and AUHR contact information. Questions may also be addressed to

As stated online, Auburn University continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and, in consultation with state and federal officials, is making decisions with the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff as the top priority. Knowing the situation is a fluid one, the University and AUHR will continue to provide updates regarding university operations.

Recent communications

University officials remain focused on the health and safety of the campus community and are extending the previously announced operational modifications through Oct. 10.


To ensure a healthy and safe return to campus, Auburn is requiring face coverings inside university buildings, including classrooms and laboratories, beginning Monday, June 22. This requirement applies to everyone on campus and also extends to those attending university events in non-university buildings.


Contact AUHR

If you need specific assistance for an HR unit, click the tab(s) below for contact information or email

  • For question/requests regarding employees retiring through Teachers Retirement Systems (RSA/TRS), Salary Continuation Plan (SCP), Long Term Disability (LTD), life Insurance questions/claims, and the Flexible Spending Account, contact Linda Sanders at 844-1791 or

  • For questions regarding the Family Medical Leave Act, health and/or dental insurance, and other general benefit questions, contact Debra Walters at 844-1779 or

  • For questions/requests to the Benefits Manager, contact Teresa Coker at 844-1789 or

  • You can also email with questions. This account is monitored regularly Monday through Friday from 7:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. You can expect to receive a response as soon as administratively possible.

  • Click here to submit information via the Secure Upload Site (examples: dependent eligibility documentation, various documents and applications regarding FMLA, SCP and/or LTD.)

For Campus Relations questions, please contact the following team members:

  • Linda Maxwell-Evans, Executive Director, Campus Relations, (334) 844-1603, Email Linda
  • Leanne Fuller, Director, Human Resources Services, (334) 844-1605, Email Leanne
  • Sonya Dixon, Manager, Employee Relations, (334) 844-7612, Email Sonya
  • Angela Cannon, Specialist, Employee Relations, (334) 844-1577, Email Angela

For Compensation and Classification questions, please contact the following team members:

  • Rod Kelly, Executive Director, Compensation and Classification, (334) 844-1618, Email Rod
  • Shelly Murray, Manager, Compensation Administration, (334) 844-1635, Email Shelly
  • Bailey Ward, Specialist, Classification and Compensation, (334) 844-1601, Email Bailey
  • Anna Durrett, Specialist, Classification and Compensation, (334) 844-1858, Email Anna
  • Brad Mills, Specialist, Classification and Compensation, (334) 844-4145, Email Brad

For Employment-related questions, please contact one of the following team members: 

  • A&P and University Staff Position Questions
    • Chris Thompson – Manager, Employment Services, (334) 844-1614 or
    • Jenna Richards – Specialist, Employment Services, (334) 844-1613 or 
  • Student & Temporary Position Questions
    • Amy Bruce – Manager, Student & Temporary Employment Services, (334) 844-1671 or
    • Pamela Rogers – Specialist, Temporary Employment Services, (334) 844-1609 or
    • Phyllis Pruitt – Administrative Support Assistant, (334) 844-1612 or 

For general employment questions or assistance with form I9 completion, please contact:

For HR Development questions, please contact the following team members:

  • Bill Shannon, Director, HR Development, (334) 844-1602, Email Bill
  • Penny Houston, Coordinator, HR Development, (334) 844-1693, Email Penny
  • Kimberly Graham, Instructional Designer, (334) 844-7391, Email Kim
  • Moriah Kent, Instructional Designer, (334) 844-1646, Email Moriah
  • If you need an Affiliate or Employee ID card, please contact ID Card Services at 844-1763. 
  • For payroll questions, or questions related to your tax deferred annuity (403(b) or 457(b)), if your last name begins with:

  • You may also contact Ashley Fetner (Manager, Payroll) at (334) 844-1787 or, or Brandy Tucker (Assistant Manager, Payroll) at (334) 844-1783 or

  • You may also email us at This account is monitored regularly Monday through Friday from 7:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. You can expect to receive a response as soon as administratively possible.

  • Click here to submit information via the Secure Upload Site 

For information on Records, contact

Last updated: 08/24/2020