Employee Benefits
New Employee Orientation


New Employee Orientation is held on Thursday mornings in the Auburn University Administrative Complex at 1550 E. Glenn Ave.

New employees are encouraged to view Employee Benefits information and Benefits at a Glance prior to attending the orientation session where University employee benefits are explained and new employees are afforded the opportunity to enroll in desired programs. Having some general conception of insurance needs and knowledge of spouse's insurance status will be helpful in the development of your own benefits program.

Employees should bring the following information with them to the New Employees Orientation in order to complete the forms for enrollment in the benefits programs for which they are eligible:


Blue Cross Blue Shield health and/or dental insurance:
Name, date of birth, and Social Security number of each covered dependent. A copy of the marriage certificate and one other document if covering spouse and a copy of the birth certificate or adoption papers for each child covered.

Review the Dependent Eligibility and Required Proof of Relationship document for a full definition of an insurance dependent.


Group Life Insurance:
Name and addresses of person or persons' names as beneficiary(ies).


Retirement Systems of Alabama:
Name, date of birth, and address of person or persons named as beneficiary(ies).