Auburn partnered with Mercer to identify occupational job families. A job family is a high level grouping of job functions that involve work in the same general occupation. These jobs have differing, and increasing, levels of related knowledge requirements, skill sets, and abilities to carry out progressively higher level job responsibilities and duties. 

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Market Gap Priorities

The following is a summary of information regarding market gaps and adjustments. More information is available on the Market Gaps and Adjustments website

For many jobs, Auburn's pay is competitive with other institutions and employers. However, we also identified hundreds of jobs within job families where our pay can be more competitive. In these cases, we segmented the market gaps into groups of “market gap priority."

Each job family, based on the size of each job family’s overall market gap, has been prioritized into three Market Gap priority groups – Modest, Moderate and Major:


In order to begin addressing the market gaps and ensure that our pay is progressing toward market competitive levels, a market adjustment pool has been recommended to the Board of Trustees for FY2023.

Each of the three priority groups, based on their respective job family market gaps, have been assigned a progressively larger portion of the recommended FY2023 adjustment pool.

Additional Information

AU Human Resources is developing a review process that will allow HR Liaisons and employees to submit a formal review regarding individual jobs and their assignment to a job family and pay structure. Please note that if a reclassification is in process or recently completed, the job and the new grade will be updated in the coming days. 

If you have questions regarding your specific job title, please share them with your HR Liaison. If you have questions about the Compensation Market Study, please review the Compensation Market Study website or email

Last updated: 05/26/2023