Decoding the Auburn Oaks

Partnership to sequence and assemble a high-quality genome for scientific analysis

Auburn Oak leaves enter the DNA sequencing pipeline

“Moments after leaves were collected from the Toomer’s Oak clone, they were plunged into liquid Nitrogen (-196 °C) to preserve their genetic material, then placed on dry ice (-80 °C) for transport to HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology in Huntsville,” explained Leslie Goertzen. Read more

Professors seek to sequence Toomer's Oaks genome

Just over 10 years ago, the Southern live oaks at Toomer's Corner were poisoned and a decades-old Auburn icon that students, faculty, alumni and fans had known and loved was no more. Leslie Goertzen, associate professor in the department of biological sciences, said he was particularly stricken with grief because of his background in botany and plant evolutionary biology. Read more


Leaves from a descendant of the original oak trees at Toomer’s Corner which will have the genome sequenced.

Decoding the Toomers Oaks - Freezer Bag
Decoding the Toomers Oaks - Freezer
Decoding the Toomers Oaks.

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