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Michael Fogle Jr.
Associate Professor

Research Areas: Experimental Atomic and Molecular Physics

Office: Leach Science Center 2118

380 Duncan Drive
Auburn, AL 36849

Phone: (334) 844-4280


Ph.D., Stockholm University
Licentiate Degree, Stockholm University
M.S., East Carolina University
B.S., East Carolina University

Professional Employment

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Auburn University
2008 - present
Guest Researcher, Physics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
2008 - 2012
Post-doctoral Researcher, Physics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
2004 - 2008
Graduate Research Assistant, Stockholm University
2000 - 2004
Graduate Research Assistant, East Carolina University
1998 - 2000

Honors and Awards

Featured cover illustration for Astronomy and Astrophysics Journal, "Determination of the Ni XVIII plasma recombination reate coefficent" M.Fogle, N. Badnell, N. Eklow, E. Lindroth, T. Mohamed, R. Schuch, Astronomy and Astrophysics 409, 781 (2003)

Professional Activities

Member, American Physical Society
Physical Review A
Physical Review Letters
Journal of Physics B
Grant Proposal Reviewer:
Department of Energy- Office of Basic Energy Sciences, Office of Science and Graduate Fellowship
National Science Foundation- Chemistry Division, Physics Division

Research and Teaching Interests


Experimental Atomic, Molecular and Optical physics pertaining to various electron-driven processes important in both terrestrial and astrophysical plasma environements, e.g., electron-impact ionization, recombination and excitation, ion-atom charge exchange and molecular dissociation dynamics

Director of the Auburn University Small Satellite Program (AUSSP). Current CubeSats under development for NSF-funded project to measure terrestrial gamma-ray flash beams and Air Force University Nanosatellite Program to demonstrate quantum key distribution.



Undergraduate majors laboraotry courses, introductory physics courses, special topics cources on the physics of CubeSats

Selected Publications

  1. Unexpected bond breaking and formation in the dissociative recombination of Li+ • H2,  R.D. Thomas, A. Ehlerding,W. Geppert, F. Hellberg, V. Zhaunerchyk, M. Larsson, E. Bahati, M.E. Bannister, M.R. Fogle, C.R. Vane Physical Review A - Rapid Communications (accepted 2014) Contribution: participated in experiments at the CRYRING storage ring in Stockholm. This work was connected to my collaborative work at ORNL on dihydride systems.
  2. X-ray emission measurments following charge exchange between C6+ and H2, M. Fogle, D. Wulf, K. Morgan, D. McCammon, I.N. Draganic, C.C. Havener Physical Review A 89, 042705 (2014) Contribution: participated in experimental setup, data acquisition and analysis in collaboration with ORNL.
  3. X-ray emission measurements following charge exchange between C6+ and He, X. Defray, K. Morgan, D. McCammon, D. Wulf, V. Andrianarijaona, M. Fogle, D. Seely, I.N. Draganic, C.C. Havener Physical Review A 88, 052702 (2013) Contribution: participated in experimental setup, data acquisition and analysis at ORNL.
  4. *Dissociative electron attachment to carbon dioxide via the 2⇧u shape resonance A. Moradmand, D.S. Slaughter, D.J. Haxton, A.L. Landers, C.W. McCurdy, T.N. Rescigno, A. Belkacem, M. Fogle Physical Review A 88, 032703 (2013) Contribution: one of the principal investigators overseeing this project. Worked with experimental and theoretical collaborators at LBNL to acquire and analyze results.
  5. *Dissociative electron attachment to CO2 at the 8.2 eV Feshbach resonance A. Moradmand, D. Slaughter, A.L. Landers, M. Fogle Physical Review A 88, 022711 (2013) Contribution: principal investigator overseeing project. Directed students in data acquisitionand analysis. This work was done in collaboration with the experiment at LBNL.

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