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Dean Giordano welcomes you to the College of Sciences and Mathematics

Welcome from the Dean

Welcome to COSAM, the College of Sciences and Mathematics. Our College is proud to contribute to the success of every student at Auburn University. We teach the core courses in science and mathematics taken by all students, providing them with a foundation to support success in their chosen major. To this end, we are a campus leader in incorporating the latest instructional technologies and methods. We are also proud of the many top research programs in all of our departments. We provide research opportunities for many undergraduate students, and prepare graduate students for advanced careers in all areas of science and mathematics. We are just as proud of our many outreach activities, which promote science and mathematics educational opportunities for the general public and for K-12 teachers throughout the state.

Our students and staff make tremendous impacts through their research. Learn more about these accomplishments and read about the grants our faculty are working on.

COSAM continues to improve the services we provide for our students, and this year we again expanded our advising office. By increasing the number of advisors, COSAM students can build stronger relationships with their advisor throughout their education here to increase consistency and develop open communication. In addition to meeting with professional advisors, most of our students also benefit from research and mentoring opportunities with faculty.

As always, COSAM students continue to strive for excellence. In 2019, COSAM freshman have the second highest ACT scores for entering freshman at the university with an average of 28.3.

Through all of these efforts COSAM is proud to support the mission of Auburn University and bring benefits to all the citizens of Alabama.

Nicholas J. Giordano

Dean, College of Sciences and Mathematics

246 Sciences Center Classrooms Building
Office: (334) 844-5737
Fax: (334) 844-5748

Associate Deans

Edward Thomas

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
College of Sciences and Mathematics
Charles Barkley Endowed Professor, Department of Physics

248 Sciences Center Classrooms Building
Office: (334) 844-9226
Fax: (334) 844-5255

Robert Boyd

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
College of Sciences and Mathematics
Professor of Biological Sciences

249 Sciences Center Classrooms Building
Office: (334) 844-4555
Fax: (334) 844-5824