Undergraduate Research Ambassadors

Finding and applying for undergraduate research opportunities can seem like a daunting task. With the guidance of undergraduate research ambassadors, it does not have to be.

These seven fellow COSAM students went through the same process you did and asked all the same questions running through your mind right now.

“What opportunities are available?”

“How do I find these opportunities?”

“Who do I contact?”

“When should I be applying?”

Now, the ambassadors are all a semesters-worth into their research and using the knowledge and experience gained along the way to help other students jump on the opportunities ahead of them.

“As a research ambassador, I strive to help students see research as an exciting opportunity rather than a barrier towards their eventual degree or graduate school application,” said Davis Arthur, junior in physics.

Research ambassadors do not directly find students specific positions, but rather guide them on how to begin the process of discovering projects focused around their interests, skills and availability.

Each ambassador hosts weekly office hours from Monday through Thursday in the COSAM advising area in the Science Center Classrooms. In addition to this, they host and attend events throughout the semester, including research symposiums, research fairs and information sessions on how to present posters and put together abstracts.

“Our office hours are the best information sessions for students. If I hear of specific research opportunities/information sessions that professors or departments are holding, it is usually one of the first things I tell students when they reach out to me,” said Natalie Williams, junior in microbiology.

Williams began her research over a year ago when she interned at NASA on the Europa Lander Planetary Production team. Upon completion of the internship, Williams brought her skills back to Auburn, continuing her research in Dr. Mark Lile’s laboratory.

“Being in a microbiology lab specifically has helped me in all of my micro classes and labs… a few of the things I see in lecture, I have already had exposure to in my research, so it makes studying easier,” Williams said.

The ambassadors’ past and present fields of research all vary, including interests in science and electron spectroscopy, primary feline fibroblasts, influenza in swine and the identification of new medicine.

“Research has been a huge part of my Auburn experience and I have truly enjoyed it,” said Madison Patrick, junior in biomedical science.

Ambassadors encourage interested students to attend the upcoming research fair on Thursday, November 7. Abstract applications for the fair are due Friday, October 18 and are open to any COSAM student conducting research.

Want to learn more?

Who: Undergraduate Research Ambassadors
What: Promote the availability of research opportunities for Auburn University students
Where: Science Center Classrooms Room 239, Monday – Thursday
Events: Undergraduate Research Fair, Thursday, November 7
More info: Contact