COSAM Leaders

COSAM Leaders 2020-2021
2020-2021 COSAM Leaders

Do you want to have an opportunity to meet famous people? Do you want to learn about the inner-workings of the College of Science and Mathematics? Would you like to travel about and help recruit prospective COSAM students to Auburn? Maybe you would just enjoy hanging out and having fun with other COSAM students.

The COSAM Leaders is a group of 16 COSAM juniors and seniors that serve as the official student representatives of the College of Sciences and Mathematics. As official hosts and hostesses of the college, COSAM Leaders provide services to the college and promote pride in COSAM and all of its functions. Also, COSAM Leaders have numerous formal and informal opportunities to interact with each other and with the COSAM faculty and staff. Activities include such things as hosting former astronauts, presenting awards at Science Olympiads, interacting with board members, recruiting prospective students, meeting potential donors, participating in our golf tournament, and engaging and enjoying our alumni. Previous students indicate that COSAM Leaders was one of the most enjoyable of all their collegiate experiences.

The eight men and eight women comprising COSAM Leaders are selected annually during spring semester-usually during February. A call for applicants will receive wide circulation during this time. Candidates for COSAM Leaders must be rising juniors or seniors and must be able to represent COSAM through the spring term following their selection. All COSAM Leaders must be students in good standing within COSAM and must maintain an overall 3.0 GPA. A student may not serve for more than two years as a COSAM Leader.