Graduate Travel Fund Rules

COSAM Graduate Travel Award: Rules

  1. The College provides modest funds for students to present thesis or dissertation research at scientific meetings. Students rarely receive funds for alternate events, such as workshops. Funds are NOT provided to support research effort.
  2. The COSAM Graduate Student Travel Fund is available to COSAM graduate students only. Students must be in good standing.
  3. Awards are made to a given student only once per CALENDAR year, based on acceptance of the award. For instance, if a student accepts an award in Fall of 2019, the student is ineligible to apply again until Fall 2020. If a student receives an award but declines it, funds are returned to the budget. Students must apply again for funds during the same fiscal year. 
  4. All applications are due on the stated date by 4:45 pm
  5. We do not automatically extend deadlines when a due date falls on a weekend. Should there be a modification of a due date, it will be announced. We do not accept late applications. 
  6. To the student: be sure to contact your faculty supervisor well before applying, to give them time to get the reference in on time (4:45 on the due date). They will be automatically contacted by Qualtrics to provide the reference after your application has been submitted. 
  7. Travel awards are capped at $500, and are commonly less.  Students may request < $500. 
  8. The quality of the graduate faculty advisor letter is closely examined because it confirms information elsewhere in the application, and further indicates the advisor's enthusiasm for the student and the project.
  9. Note that there is some overlap in the travel periods; this is to provide students with flexibility to request awards. i.e., it is to help the student. 
  10. Please do not apply until the request for applications is released; typically this will be two weeks prior to the due date. 


Due Dates

Review Period

Travel Period


1 - Fall Semester

15 August - 15 January

1 October

2 - Spring Semester 

15 December - 15 May

14 February

3 - Summer

15 April - 15 September 

1 June