Interdisciplinary Colloquium

COSAM Interdisciplinary Colloquium

2018 - 2019

Fall Semester

September 4th 2018

  • Shahriar Khan (Chemistry) - Superatomic nature of Sc(NH3)60,+: one and two electrons bound to the periphery of Sc(NH3)62+ core
  • Omar Lopez Ortiz (Physics) - A glimpse into fusion energy and magnetic confinement
  • Nick Soltis (Geosciences) - Digging into Discipline Based Education Research (DBER): Applications of Geoscience Education Research

October 2nd 2018

  • Robel Ghebreab (Chemistry) - Making Active recombinant Methyl-coenzyme M Reductase (MCR) in M. maripaludis
  • Malorie Hayes (Biology) - Discovering Diversity in the Southeastern United States
  • Ahmed Nemer (Physics) - The first evidence of enhanced recombination in planetary nebulae and the implications on photo-ionized plasmas and spectroscopy

November 13th 2018

  • Ismail Abdulrashid (Math) - Dynamical analysis of a chemotherapy model with time-delays
  • Nick Parr (Biology) - Shady Critters: One reef organism's dependence on its neighbors
  • Basiru Usman (Math) - Long term behavior of a random hopfield neural lattice model

Spring Semester

February 5th 2019

  • Andrew Owens (Math) - Edge Colorings Avoiding Rainbow Cycles
  • Isuru Aryarathna (Chemistry) - Aufbau Rules for Solvated Electron Precursors
  • Joseph Cortez (Math) - The Intersection Problem for Maximum Packings of Kn with 4-cycles

March 5th 2019

  • Curtis Johnson (Physics) - Spectroscopic Investigation of Tungsten Erosion in Fusion Plasmas
  • Gavin Shotts (Biology) - Alabama's Pollination Problems: When Rare Plants Can't Date and Mate
  • Al Emran (Geosciences) - Near and Thermal Infrared (NIR-TIR) Spectral Investigations of Siloe Patera, Mars

April 2nd 2019

  • Waliul Khan (Chemistry) - Surface Plasmon Resonance in Electrochemistry
  • Richard Strom (Physics) - Momentum Imaging Techniques for Dissociative Electron Attachment and Photoionization of Polyatomic Molecules