Alabama Science and Engineering Fair (ASEF)

COSAM Office of Outreach





ASEF is the official science fair for the State of Alabama. At this event, the winners of Alabama’s 5 Regional Fairs will compete in a virtual fair environment. The competition will occur online from April 4-8, 2022. Once all competitors are confirmed, a detailed interview schedule will be emailed to the student email address on file in Scienteer. 

Students will need access to a laptop, desktop, or tablet running Windows, Macintosh, or Chrome OS and have a microphone and webcam. Students will also need to have a copy of their single slide PowerPoint virtual display board as well as any other visual aide files to share with judges while in a Zoom session. 

Students’ posters will be displayed in a VIRTUAL EXHIBIT HALL that looks like this:


Competitors will upload their poster as a sinlge Microsoft PowerPoint slide with the specific dimensions 48" x 36" (3456 x 2592) in order to ensure that the poster displays correctly.

On the day of the event, students are encouraged to explore the other posters until their pre-assigned time to meet with the judges. Students will use the button to the left of their poster to enter their virtual Zoom meeting room. Upon entering, students will be placed in a virtual waiting room until the judges are ready to admit the student. Students should be prepared to present a brief (3-5 minute) summary of their project, keeping in mind that the judges have already reviewed their Virtual Display Board and Student video prior to this interview. Students should devote the remaining 10 minutes to answering the  judges' questions.

Once all student interviews and judges' deliberation has been completed, an Awards Ceremony will be held to recognize placement and special award winners. All projects selected as Regeneron ISEF Finalists must submit questionnaire and materials to ISEF by April 10, 2022, in order to get projects approved in time to compete.


Only students selected as winners from one of the five approved regional science fairs listed below are eligible to compete in this online competition.

North Alabama Regional Science and Engineering Fair (NARSEF) 

Central Alabama Regional Science and Engineering Fair (CARSEF) 

Greater East Alabama Regional Science and Engineering Fair (GEARSEF) 

West Alabama Regional Science and Engineering Fair (WARSEF) 

Mobile Regional Science and Engineering Fair (MRSEF) 

All Regional Fairs are required to advance their winners to ASEF using the Scienteer System immediately after their fair has been completed. Project paperwork will be reviewed and approved by the SRC Team and Assistant ASEF Director, Janie Marino, Projects that do not receive approval prior to ASEF may not be eligible to compete or receive category and/or special awards.


Advancing to ASEF:

Confirm Project Category

  • Regardless of what category the project competed in at the regional level, all students advancing to ASEF will  need to log in to the Scienteer System and re-select their their project's category from the category list online.
  • All GEARSEF participants are required to complete Auburn University's Minors On Campus Form
  • All GEARSEF participants are required to submit the Project Payment Form and associated fees prior to the event.




Project Poster Submission

  • All ASEF projects will be required to submit a project poster via the Scienteer System which is utilized state wide.
  • This single slide virtual display board is what the judges will use to preview projects prior to the student interviews.  Be sure to check for errors and typos!
  • The template for this poster may be found here. Students should not change the dimensions of the poster. It is currently 48″ x 36″ (3456 x 2592) and must remain this size. Students may add and and photos or graphs as needed. All of the SECTIONS are required, but may be repositioned as needed to fit the information.
  • If the final file size is larger than 5MB, you may need to reduce the size or number of pictures in your presentation.
  • This file will be uploaded by our ASEF team to our Virtual Project Exhibit Hall located HERE.


Project Video Submission

  • All ASEF projects will be required to submit a short video synopsis presentation. This material will be viewed by the judges prior to the student interviews in order to assist judges in determining their focus questions.
  • In the event that a student experiences technical difficulties during their assigned interview time, the judges may also use the video to serve in place of the student interview.
  • Student videos will not be evaluated for the quality or the creativity of the video.
  • Video content should address:
    • Relevance of topic and how this is applicable to the real world
    • Demonstration of authentic student work
    • Creative/appropriate/accurate methodology of data collection
    • Brief summation of the results/conclusions
  • Junior Division videos are limited to 5 minutes; Senior Division videos are limited to 7 minutes
  • All video files should be submitted to their appropriate Regional Fair Director using the file format show below:
    • Division (Jr or Sr) - Student(s) Name - "Project Title"
    • Ex. Sr - Sally Sue - "Which type of music promotes growth in bean plants?"
  • Regional Fair Directors will forward student videos to the Assistant ASEF Director, Janie Marino,, for uploading to the Virtual Exhibit Hall.


Prior To Judges’ Interviews

  • Students will receive an email with their assigned project category ID and student interview time.
  • Students should determine an appropriate location for participating in an online interview.  Be sure to select a location that:
    • has a strong internet connection
    • blocks out exterior noise distractions
    • has a background free of visual distractions
    • has appropriate lighting to make sure the judges can properly see your face
  • Students should run a test check with sound input and output devices. Can students clearly hear others? Can others clearly hear the student? Testing with a buddy can help find and eliminate problems.
  • Judges will be familiar with students' projects as they have previewed the virtual display boards prior to the student's arrival.  However, it is highly encouraged that students have their virtual display board file open so they can “Share Screen” and walk judges through their presentation. Students should practice screen sharing and run a mock presentation to teachers prior to competing at ASEF.


Day Of The Event

  • Regional Fair Administrators and teachers will be sent a master schedule of student interview times. Students should review this schedule to be sure they do not miss their interview time. Students should plan on arriving in their virtual Zoom waiting room 15 minutes prior to their assigned time.
  • From the Virtual Exhibit Hall lobby, students will:
    • enter their appropriate division gallery hall (either  Junior Division or Senior Division)
    • use the navigation buttons to locate their project category door and enter the category gallery hall. 
    • use the navigation buttons to move around the category gallery hall until they locate their project. 
    • press the button to the left of their project to enter their Zoom session waiting room.  Judges will admit the student when they are ready to begin the inteview. 
  • Judges may remain with the students for up to 15 minutes. Students should make a concise presentation to the judges keeping in mind that the majority of the time should be reserved for the judges to ask questions.


Awards Ceremony

  • Once all of the category judging has been completed, judges will meet by category to tally scores and determine category winners.
  • Senior Division – Category Heads and Best of Fair Judges will meet to determine which projects will be called back for a second round of interviews to determine which Best of Fair projects will advance directly to compete at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). Best of Fair interviews will take place on a separate day (TBD).
  • Regional Fair Administrators will be notified when the list of winners has been posted to the ASEF website.


All Regeneron ISEF Finalists must submit questionnaire and materials to ISEF by April 10, 2022, in order to compete to get projects approved in time to compete.

Please direct all ASEF event-related questions to Assistant ASEF Director, Janie Marino,