Department of Biological Sciences

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Student Testimonials

"Ever since I was little, I have been fascinated by how the natural world works. I can vividly remember day after day as a child watching documentaries about nature, specifically ones focused on the ocean. Because of this, choosing my major was not a difficult decision. Choosing to go to Auburn was a bit harder for me though, as I had the opportunity to go to many different schools. I eventually picked Auburn due to its strength in the field I wanted to go into and its wonderful campus environment. Last year I had the opportunity to be a part of the AU Marine Biology Club and interact with peers who shared the same interest in the ocean as me."




“I have been presented with every opportunity possible to explore my interests. As a COSAM student, I love the diversity of exciting courses offered with hands-on labs and field trip excursions, as well as the many pre-professional clubs! While COSAM presents me with the ability to engage in what I’m passionate about, they are also giving me the applicable knowledge and supportive resources I need to succeed in my future career as a veterinarian.”


“As a student in high school I was always drawn to biological sciences. There was always new fascinating information to learn around every corner. It contains so much diversity within the science to explore every facet of every organism on earth. When I saw how amazing the Biology department was at Auburn, like when one of my professors was willing to meet with me after the first day of class to help me figure out the transition to college and take notes effectively, I knew that this major would be the best thing to prepare me for my future."




“In my Organismal Biology lecture, my professor brought in her own pet boa constrictor, David Boa, for students to touch and hold to get a better understanding about the anatomy of a snake. Not only did this provide a great learning experience for me, but it also sparked an interest for a career in veterinary work focused on reptiles.”


“It’s my curiosity about the secret of life that led me into Cell and Molecular Biology in COSAM. There’s no lack of ambitious students and caring faculty in COSAM, and my learning experience alongside them has been truly inspiring. The courses here are designed to prepare students for their future pursuit of passion, be it graduate research or professional paths. COSAM also encourages students to get hands-on experience in many major-related fields, and I’m able to further indulge my curiosity by participating in undergraduate research on cancer-causing viruses.”