Department of Biological Sciences


Advising Corner

Meet the Academic Advisor:

 Valerie Tisdale

Valerie Tisdale
Rouse Life Sciences Building #101
Office: 334-844-4815

Graduation Audits: Graduation Audits are being conducted through Zoom.  You may log on to Advise Assist through AU Access to schedule an Online Graduation Audit.  We suggest scheduling a graduation audit one year out from your intended semester of graduation.

 Changing your major:

  • If you are planning to change your major in or out of COSAM, please visit
  • If you are a current COSAM student and are declaring your major, changing your major, or changing your concentration within COSAM, please contact Mrs. Ashley Prescott at

Registration Issues:

  • If a course is closed, you will need to add yourself to the waitlist if one is available. 
  • If you are receiving a "Prerequisite/Test Score Error” for a COSAM course, please email the contact person listed below for the department for which you are receiving the error:
  • BIOL: Michele Smith,
  • CHEM: Jake Horigan,
  • GEOL, GEOG: Ashleigh Rudd,
  • MATH: Mae Margaret Davis,
  • PHYS: Mary Prater,
  • If you are receiving a "College Restriction Error," when registering for core classes, please select a different section number, as those courses are reserved for certain majors.
  • If you are a COSAM graduating senior in the Summer or Fall of 2020 and are registering for the UNIV 4AA0 Graduation course, and are receiving a "College Restriction Error," please ensure you are registering for section SM1.

Holds: Academic advisors cannot remove holds.  Should you have a hold on your account, you will be unable to register until the hold has been lifted.  Please contact the office that has placed the hold on your account.

Useful links for registration: 

Registration worksheet
Course substitution form
Auburn University Registration Schedule
DBS Long-range Course Schedule
AU Bulletin (The online bulletin is a very useful and interactive source of information on majors, minors and courses: check it out!)
X9XX Course Registration Form
BIOL 4950 Senior Seminar Registration Form