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Graduate Studies 

The Department of Biological Sciences in the College of Sciences and Mathematics offers graduate training leading to M.S. (thesis and non-thesis) and Ph.D. degrees in biological sciences. Areas of specialization include aquatic invertebrate ecology, biology of endangered species, biotechnology and genetic engineering, cellular and organismal physiology, cytology and ultrastructure of plants, developmental biology, ecology, environmental microbiology, ethology and herpetology, eukaryotic and prokaryotic molecular genetics, genetics, immunology, mammalogy, mechanisms of plant stress physiology, microbial epidemiology, and molecular mechanisms of plant-microbial interactions, molecular systematic botany, molecular virology, organelle molecular biology, parasitology, plant conservation biology, terrestrial plant ecology, and tropical biology. 

The graduate program provides a solid foundation in formal course instruction in preparation for independent research. Students usually complete the master's program in two to three years and the doctoral program in five years. Interdisciplinary graduate minors are available in plant molecular biology; biochemistry, cell and molecular biology; ecology; and environmental science.

Last Updated: 03/12/2020