Michael C. Wooten
Department of Biological Sciences
Professor Emeritus

Office: 322 Funchess Hall

Address: 331 Funchess Hall
Auburn University, AL 36849-5414

Lab Phone: (334) 332-1941

Fax: (334) 844-9234

Email: wootemc@auburn.edu

Ph.D. - University of North Texas
Post-Doc - University of Georgia (SREL)
Post-Doc - State University of New York - Stony Brook

Honors and Awards
Dean's Award - Outstanding Teacher - COSAM
Presidental Administrative Fellow - Auburn University
Outstanding Faculty Member Award - COSAM
Co-Author - Outstanding Article of the Year - Wildife Society

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Population Genetics
  • Molecular Ecology
  • Neurodegenerative Diseases
  • Biological Statistics
  • Mammalian Ecology
  • Conservation Biology

Instructional Programming

    Virtual Fly Colony for teaching Mendelian Genetics 

         -- New web-based, mobile compliant version in beta testing. 

             Please contact me for information.



Selected Publications

  1. Seibenhener, M. L., and M. C. Wooten. 2015. Use of the open field maze to measure locomotor and anxiety-like behavior in mice.  Journal of Visual Experimentation 96:e52434.

  2. Calderilla-Barbosa,L. M. L. Seibenhener, Y. Du, M. Diaz-Meco, J. Moscat, J. Yan, M. W. Wooten, and M. C. Wooten. 2014.  Interaction of SQSTM1 with the motor protein dynein: SQSTM1 is required for normal dynein function and trafficking. Journal of Cell Science 127:4052-4063.

  3. Seibenhener, M.L., T. Zhao, Y. Du, L.C. Barbosa, J. Yan, M.W. Wooten, and M. C. Wooten. 2013.  Behavioral effects of SQSTM1/p62 overexpression in mice: Support for a mitochondrial role in depression and anxiety.  Behavioral Brain Research 248:94-103

  4. Jin Y, M. L. Seibenhener, L. Calderilla-Barbosa, M. Diaz-Meco, J. Moscat, J. Jiang, M. W. Wooten, M. C. Wooten.  2013.  SQSTM1/p62 interacts with HDAC6 and regulates Deacetylase activity.  Plos One 10.1371.

  5. Seibenhener, L. M., Y. Du, M. Diaz-Meco, J. Moscat, M. C. Wooten and M. W. Wooten. 2013. A Role for Sequestosome1/p62 in Mitochondrial Dynamics, Import and Genome Integrity. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta.1833:452-459.

  6. Du, Y., M. C. Wooten and M. W. Wooten. 2009. Oxidative damage to the promoter region of p62 is common to neurodegenerative disease. Neurodegenerative Diseases 35:302-310.

  7. Du, Yifeng, M. C. Wooten, M. Gearing and M. W. Wooten. 2009. Age-associated oxidative damage to the p62 promoter: Implications for Alzheimer’s disease. Free Radical Biology and Medicine 46:492-501.

  8. Romagosa, C. M, G. Guyer and M. C. Wooten. 2009. The contribution of the live vertebrate trade toward taxonomic homogenization. Conservation Biology 23:1001-1007.

  9. Wooten, M. C. 2009.  GENETICS: Laboratory Protocols.  Contemporary Publishing, Raleigh, NC. 262 pp.  ISBN: 0-89892-362

  10. Tenaglia, K. M., J. L. Van Zant and M. C. Wooten. 2007. Multiple captures and relatedness of Alabama beach mice. Journal of Mammalogy 88:580-588.

  11. Van Zant, J. L. and M. C. Wooten. 2007. Old mice, young islands and competing biogeography hypotheses. Molecular Ecology 16:5070-5083. 

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Undergraduate Graduate
Genetics - Online - BIOL3003
General Genetics - BIOL3000
Study Abroad Swaziland
BIOL5160 Field Biology and Ecology
Mammalogy - BIOL5760
Population Genetics - BIOL6170
Biological Statistics - STAT7040
Biometry - BIOL7980
Evolutionary Genetics - BIOL7290
Mammalogy - BIOL6760

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