John A. Jernigan


Ralph Jordan, Jr

2015 COSAM Distinguished Alumnus

Dr. John A. Jernigan '75

Growing up on a farm in nearby Union Springs, Dr. John Jernigan dreamed of a career using his mind, rather than just his hands. His high school’s valedictorian, he entered Auburn University as its first African-American pre-med student. Dr. Jernigan quickly became a role model on campus serving as a Resident Advisor for his dorm, before earning a degree in chemistry. A graduate of the University of Florida College of Medicine, Dr. Jernigan opened Mulberry Medical Associates in Montgomery in 1984, at a time where African-American doctors numbered one for every 8,000 people. 

He has served as a clinical assistant professor in UAB’s Internal Medicine Residency Program, and has trained countless physicians as well as more than 30 nurse practitioners through programs at Troy University, Samford University and UAB.  He stays active in research and conducts clinical trials on new drugs at the Mulberry Clinical Research Center.  Dr. Jernigan has been an active member of the Medical Association of Alabama and the American Society of Internal Medicine, and he has served as vice president of the Alabama State Medical Association. He is a past president and vice president of the Montgomery County Medical Association and a volunteer for the Auburn University Cooperative Extension Service. 

Dr. Jernigan is committed to his alma mater and serves on the boards of both the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs and the Auburn University Foundation.  He has served as keynote speaker for COSAM’S Summer Bridge luncheon and has established scholarships in multiple areas.  Dr. Jernigan is the proud father of sons John Arbry and Jacob, both Auburn graduates.