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Supporting Auburn University's Strategic Plan


Goal 2 - Transformative Research

Ryan Comes and Byron Farnum

New X-ray instrument sets Auburn University apart in state of Alabama, furthers renewal energy research


Ryan Comes, Thomas and Jean Walter assistant professor in the Department of Physics, and Byron Farnum, assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, have worked together for three years on research for next-generation materials for electronic and energy applications at Auburn University, and now, they are bringing the best world-class X-ray diffraction instrumentation to the state of Alabama.


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Chris Goldsmith

NSF award for $420,000 invests in research developing diagnostic sensors to prevent long-term damage caused by high levels of oxidative stress


"We are creating sensors in our lab that could help us pinpoint the steady-state concentrations of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in a specific area,” Goldsmith said. “These sensors could detect problems in the heart and brain through non-invasive procedures saving lives."


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issy Ballen

How students relate to scientists impacts student retention: A $1 million NSF funds a study to examine data literacy instruction with direct connection to STEM


“Our previous research shows a demographic mismatch between aspiring undergraduate scientists and those who are presented to our students in curricular materials such as textbooks,” Cissy Ballen, the lead investigator for the award explained. “Now, we are seeking to understand how humanized and diverse scientist role models affects student interest, engagement, and retention in STEM.”


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Junshan Lin

Lin Receives NSF Grant to Research Mathematical Studies of Plasmonic Nanohole Resonances


“Mathematically, the project addresses new types of mathematical problems in inverse problems and imaging,” Lin said. “Beyond that, the results of the proposed work are expected to provide physical experimentalists with essential mathematical tools to improve the performance and functionalities of nano-plasmonic sensors, and provide new avenues for super-resolution imaging.”


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Auburn University, University of Texas Professors Awarded $90k NSF Award to Study Hawaiian Habitats Created by Volcanic Eruption


“Now we can see what was happening immediately before the eruption, what was going on immediately after, and also go back in time over 15 years,” Santos said. “I also have animals from that same area in culture here at Auburn since 2006.”


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Three NSF CAREER Winners

Three COSAM Faculty Receive $2.3+ Million for NSF CAREER Awards


Congratulations to three COSAM faculty for receiving NSF CAREER awards exceeding $2.3 million. Learn about each award and how these faculty are making a tremendous impact with real-world applications.


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