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Fonts - Make an impact with your design: 

Use these helpful tips to select fonts to align with the Auburn University brand: 


A key element of design is using the right fonts. What is a serif or sans-serif font?

Serif fonts have little edges that resemble handwriting. These details make the font easy to read and process the information. Sans-serif fonts do not have these details and are considered clean fonts. 

Fonts Auburn University recommends: 

  • Sweet Sans is the main font that the university uses.
  • If you do not have Adobe InDesign, select Avenir instead of Sweet Sans. 

Fonts we NEVER recommend:  

  • Comic Sans
  • Curlz MT
  • Papyrus
  • Kristen ITC
  • Chiller (Unles it is for a Halloween-themed event)

Don't forget the size: 

Size is an important part of accessibility. We recommend using size 10 or larger on print materials. If the reader struggles to read the text, then the print piece is not reader friendly. If you use font that is 8 or smaller, readers may not even consider looking at your materials. 


The spacing between the letters is also a key element to helping the reader. Words that are too tight can be hard to read. Kearning is the space between the letters in a word.