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AP Style - Tips for using the style: 

Auburn University follows the guidelines set forth in the Associated Press Stylebook or AP Style. If you would like to view the 56th edition of the stylebook, please feel free to stop by our offices in Extension Hall.    


Always use Arabic numbers. Do not include st, nd, rd or th after the number. 


Abbreviate the name of a month when a specific date follows. 

  • January = Jan.
  • February = Feb.
  • August = Aug.
  • September = Sept.
  • October = Oct.
  • November = Nov.
  • December = Dec. 

If you are just referring to a month, spell out the entire month's name


When writing an article, it is recommended that you spell out 45 percent, instead of writing 45%.  

Telephone Numbers:

Always use hyphens: 334-844-4000.  


Use a.m. and p.m. in lowercase format such as 7:45 a.m.