The Extension Cottage

Remembering "The Extension Cottage"

The Extension Cottage - A watercolor rendering.


Before the Sciences Center complex was constructed, “The Extension Cottage” had a long history at Auburn University as home to agricultural offices, extension specialists, and the Dean’s Office for the College of Sciences and Mathematics (COSAM).

Its story began in 1936 and became a noted spot on campus until it was demolished in 2001.

The Extension Cottage” was part of a series of more than 20 buildings along Duggar Drive originally for members of Alabama 4-H Clubs to stay. These 35 feet by 35 feet buildings were funded for through federal bonds and workers from the Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.).

The Extension Cottage - An exterior photo.In the 1940s, the cottages served as homes to enlisted members of the United States military during a 36-week period for the Specialists’ Training and Reclassification School (STARS) and Army Specialized Training Program (ASTP).

Of all of the cottages, “The Extension Cottage” was a 6,000 square-foot space, four-times larger than the other buildings. This two-story building became the home to the first acting dean of COSAM, Dr. Robert Kribel in 1987 when COSAM used “The Extension Cottage” as administrative offices.

Although the cottage is just a memory, its original sign hangs in the Science Center Classroom building’s second floor conference room.

Extension Cottage's Sign in the SCC Conference Room