Pay Periods

  • The established University-wide standard workweek begins at 12:01 a.m. Sunday and ends at 12:00 midnight the following Saturday. 

  • Payday is Friday following the end of the second week of the pay period unless it falls on a bank holiday – then it is the day before.

  • Refer to the Biweekly Payroll Schedule via AU Human Resources to view specific pay periods and pay dates.

Direct Deposit

  • Direct deposit is a safe and secure way to have income deposited directly into a checking or savings account. 

  • Instead of having to take the time to deposit a check, Auburn University will electronically transfer pay into the account of choice. Refer to AU Human Resources Payroll department site for instructions on establishing Direct Deposit.

  • Students who do not set-up Direct Deposit may pick up their paper check at AU Human Resources on payday. 

Pay Rates

  • Pay rates for student employees are determined at the discretion of the employing department and should align with the level of work performed. 

  • It is important to be fair and consistent, but there are no additional prescribed guidelines besides the federal minimum wage requirements. Pay rates are determined with consideration to seniority, qualifications, responsibilities, and skills required to perform the job.  

  • A best practice is to choose a fair starting wage for the position and allow higher pay for a higher level of seniority, qualification, responsibility or skill.

Fringe Benefits

Student employees are not eligible for fringe benefits such as group insurance, annual leave, sick leave, or paid holidays.

Discretionary Pay Increases

Pay increases are an excellent way to recognize students for work performance and/or seniority. Pay increases are optional, awarded at the employing department’s discretion, and often issued on a semester or annual basis.

Last updated: 02/17/2023