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Important: The following actions are required for all new hires in student employment. Additional actions are required for minors and/or foreign nationals (see below).

Action: Paperwork (All)

Completed by the Department
Completed by the Student Employee
  • Personal Data Form

  • W-4 (Federal Tax Form)

  • A-4 (Alabama State Tax Form)

  • C-4 (Auburn City Tax Withholding Certificate) Applicable only to those performing work within the city of Auburn. 

Action: Paperwork (Drivers)

Complete this section only if driving is part of your job responsibilities. 

Completed by the the Student Employee and Department

Complete the MVR Release Form and submit to, separate from the rest of your hiring packet. Student Employment will run motor vehicle records and send to Risk Management & Safety. Driving privileges will be determined in accordance with the University Fleet Safety Policy.

Action: Paperwork (Minors)

Complete this section only if you are 18 years of age or younger.

Completed by the Student Employee

Action: Online (Foreign National)

Complete this section only if you are a Foreign National employee.

Completed by the Foreign National Student Employee

Action: Online (All)

Completed by the Student Employee
  • Go to

  • Enter 18580 for the Employer Name or Code.

  • Section 1 must be completed by the student employee no later than the first day of employment.

Completed by the Department or the Student Employment Representative
  • Go to

  • Enter 18580 for the Employer Name or Code

  • Section 2 must be completed by the person who views the actual I-9 documentation no later than the third day of employment.

  • Consult the Form I-9, List of Acceptable Documents to view the documents that may be used for the completion of the I-9.

  • The I-9 is not complete until the acceptable documents are uploaded into the I-9 system and E-Verify is complete.

Action: Paperwork Submission (All)

Completed by the Department
  • Include the student’s schedule to the completed documents. If the student employee is not currently enrolled, but is eligible to be employed due to the “sandwich rule[1]”, include the previous semester’s schedule and a note indicating that he/she will be enrolled again the following semester.

    [1] Enrolled the previous semester and will be enrolled in the following semester.  Not enrolled “sandwiched” between two semesters of enrollment.

  • The Student New Hire process may be completed in one of the following two ways:

    • Upload all completed forms (utilizing the Bi-Weekly Paid Student Authorization Form as the coversheet), to the New Hire Secure Document Upload. or

    • Send all completed forms (utilizing the Bi-Weekly Paid Student Authorization Form as the coversheet), in a marked envelope that reads as follows: 

Auburn University Human Resources

Attention: Records

Student Employment Paperwork

* Please do not send duplicate packets. Departments should choose to send via Secure Upload or Campus Mail.

* Incomplete packets will not be processed until all required documents are received (do not email or fax documents)

* Note: Human Resources is housed at the AU Administrative Complex located at 1550 East Glenn Avenue

Student Employment Contacts

  • Abbi Brown, Director, Employment Services, (334) 844-1610

  • Amy BruceManager, Student and Temporary Employment, (334) 844-1671

  • *April McFarlin, Supervisor, Employee Records and Retention, (334) 844-1615

* Note: Contact April McFarlin only if you have questions regarding the receipt and entry of student employment paperwork. All other student employment inquiries should be directed to Abbi Brown or Amy Bruce.

Auburn University encourages all members of the Auburn Family to review the Drug Free Campus and Workplace resources. These pieces contain relevant polices, programs and services that address substance abuse intervention and prevention.  Questions related to this document may be directed to

Last updated: 04/05/2023