• A student employee serves only during the period for which he or she was hired. 

  • Employment during any period creates no expectancy or obligation for future employment. 

  • Student employees may work for any portion of the academic year or summer employment period. 

  • The employment of a student may terminate at any time for performance, financial, or program reasons as determined at the sole discretion of the employing department. 

  • Students who wish to resign their positions should provide at least two weeks’ notice to their supervisor(s).

Assignments and Scheduling Work

  • A student employee’s work assignments and schedules are determined at the discretion of the employing department. 

  • Departments requiring students to work during official University breaks should inform the student of this at the time of the employment offer.  

  • Similarly, if it is expected that students continue to work past the end of a semester or return to work before the beginning of a semester, departments should inform students of this expectation at the time of their employment offer.

Last updated: 02/17/2023