Auburn University employees are receiving updated employee identification cards. By the start of the Fall 2021 term, all full-time, part-time and temporary employees, along with affiliates, will have received the updated cards. (These cards are not being distributed to student employees, as they are receiving updated Tiger Cards.)

Please read the following information for answers to some common questions. Email if you have additional questions.

Most notably, the updated cards are contactless and are more secure. As contactless card readers are installed across campus, you will not have to swipe or insert your updated card to enter your work building or other approved locations. However, you will still need to have your card within an inch of the center of the card reader for it to work. 

Cards will be distributed by division throughout the summer. All employees and affiliates should receive an updated card by the beginning of the Fall 2021 term. 

Yes. While it may be several months before the contactless card readers are completely installed across campus, you can swipe or insert your updated card in the swipe card readers to enter your work building or other approved locations.

The contactless reader does not have a place to swipe the card. You just present a flat surface of the card within an inch of the contactless reader.

Yes. You can swipe your updated card to clock in and out of the Kronos timekeeping system, also known as Tiger Time.

The design of your updated card will look similar to the current AU identification card. The biggest difference is the contactless technology. You do not need to retake your photograph unless your current photo is 10 years or older. If this is the case, you will be contacted directly regarding the options available to update your photo.

No. The cards may not be punched for lanyards or for any other reason. Otherwise, it will damage the card and make it unusable. However, you may use a badge holder with a lanyard for your updated card or you may utilize a badge gripper which will hold the card on a lanyard without the need for a hole punch. Both options are available through online retailers and office supply stores at the employee’s expense.

No. You do not need to request an updated card. It will be distributed to you by summer 2021.

(Important: If your original card is lost or worn, you can email to request an updated card. Please note that there may be a charge to replace the prior card if it is lost.)

Last updated: 02/16/2023