Spirit of Excellence

Beyond the Call of Duty

Each month, Auburn University recognizes as many as four employees with the Spirit of Excellence award. Employees are recognized from each of the following groups:

  • Service/Maintenance

  • Secretarial/Clerical

  • Technical

  • Administrative/Professional

Award Criteria

In order to be selected as a Spirit of Excellence Award winner, an employee must:

  • Be a regular Auburn University employee (excludes temporary employees, graduate and under graduate student employees, county agents and extension specialists, and tenure track and non-tenure track faculty) with the exception of research associates.

  • Have at least one year continuous employment with Auburn University.

  • Have a performance evaluation rating that meets or exceeds expectations at the time of nomination.

Recipients must also meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Goes "beyond the call of duty” to improve service, quality, and the department’s or unit’s image.

  • Exemplifies professionalism and dedication to excellent service by putting forth extra effort.

  • Performs "outstanding contributions of significance."

  • Achieves specific or sustained accomplishments that exceed normal expectations.

  • Initiates or brings a job to a successful conclusion.

How to Nominate an Employee

Employees may be nominated for these awards by any regular Auburn University employee, including university faculty. Nominations are not limited to your immediate area of employment.

In order to nominate an employee, a nomination form must be completed and sent to the Spirit of Excellence Award Selection Committee, c/o University Human Resources: 1550 East Glenn Ave. Nominations must be received by the 15th of each month.

Nominations will remain in effect for a period of one year from the date submitted.  

Recent Recipients

March 2022

Recipient Department
Jenny Williams Campus Recreation
Tyler Lynn Property Management
Sherry Ray Graduate School
Damon Hebb Information Systems Support

February 2022

Recipient Department
Alicia Harkless College of Engineering
Paige Petrey Student Affairs
Vanessa Jerido Facilities Management
Kelly Steele Human Resources

January 2022

Recipient Department
Gina Bailey Auburn Research & Economic Development
Stephanie Parrish OIT

December 2021

Recipient Department
Jennifer Wiggins
Auburn University Libraries
Mary Huddleston Communications and Marketing
Corey Jenkins Auburn University Student Affairs (Property Management)

November 2021

Recipient Department
Jeremy Peacock OACP- Audit-Compliance-Privacy
Becky Potts COSAM (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Patrick Johnston Human Resources

October 2021

Recipient Department
Alan Lindsey Facilities Management
John Tennant College of Engineering
Mary Smith ACES (Elmore County)
Phil Dunlap Auburn Research and Technology Foundation

September 2021

Recipient Department
Sarah Kimble Harrison School of Pharmacy
James Roy Smith Property Management
Jonathon McDonald Facilities Management
Jennie Powers Harbert College of Business

August 2021

Recipient Department
Lindsay Petty College of Business
Jacob Lovelace College of Engineering
Andy Weldon College of Engineering

July 2021

Recipient Department
Christine Steiger Athletics
Perry Wood Zone Maintenance
Brandon Etheredge Liberal Arts
David Royer Building Science

June 2021

Recipient Department
Lona Childers College of Business
Oscar Preston Facilities
Cassie Boze College of Education
Andrew Thornton OIT

May 2021

Recipient Department
Kelli Howell College of Education
Mark Carroll Facilities
Carol Lovvorn Provost and Academic Affairs
Tyler Crawford OIT

April 2021

Recipient Department
Melinda Nunn Library
Bethany Beets College of Engineering
Matthew Warren College of Liberal Arts

March 2021

Recipient Department
Lisa Glasscock Library
Vincent Cicchino Automotive Shop
Georgetta Dennis Chemical Engineering
Chelsy Hooper Library

February 2021

Recipient Department
Cynthia Baccus Facilities- Human Resources
Tammy Walker Engineering Administration
Joshua Henderson CIO/VP Information Technology

January 2021

Recipient Department
T Speir AES Administration
Bailey Ward Human Resources
Kenneth Turner CIO/VP Information Technology

December 2020

Recipient Department
Sharon Bozeman Entomology and Plant Pathology
Joan Hicken Waste and Recycling
Steve Phurrough CIO/VP Information Technology

November 2020

Recipient Department
Jason Smith Mechanical Engineering
Edward Struzick, III Preventive Maintenance
Ann Chambliss Alabama Cooperative Extension System
Sean Cornelius CIO/VP Information Technology

October 2020

Recipient Department
Brandon Agnew-Clarke McWhorter School-Main
Christopher Green AU Bookstore
Thomas Hanlon CIO/VP Information Technology

September 2020

Recipient Department
Carla Story Civil Engineering
Austin Phillips Engineering Administration
Gerry Hicks CIO/VP Information Technology

August 2020

Recipient Department
Melissa Hill Student Involvement
Ramsaran Seetaram Automotive Shop
Michael Palmer Parents and Family Program

July 2020

Recipient Department
Abigail Rodgers Housing
Trenton Berry Automotive Shop
Sarah Goodwin Rec and Wellness Center
Chadwick Wendling CIO/VP Information Technology

June 2020

Recipient Department
Hannah Box Housing
TyQuan Grady Property Management
Nicholas Head Rec and Wellness Center
Stepahnie Parrish CIO/VP Information Technology

May 2020

Recipient Department
Cynthia Caldwell-Jackson Procurement and Business Services
Oliver Williams Jr. School of Fisheries- Aquatic Science
Mykeita Trammell Special Ed- Rehab Counseling
Alexander Shipp CIO/VP Information Technology

April 2020

Recipient Department
Laura Olds Engineering Administration
William Dempster Service Support
Christina Coleman Rec and Wellness Center
David Benjamin CIO/VP Information Technology

Employees of the Year

Each monthly winner of the Spirit of Excellence Award will be eligible to receive the Employee of the Year Award.

The winners will be announced and recognized at the annual Employee Recognition Award ceremony.  An employee selected as a Spirit of Excellence Award winner cannot be nominated again prior to the annual university-wide Employee Recognition Award ceremony in the spring.

Last updated: 04/06/2022