Employee Recognition - COVID-19


This has been a turbulent and chaotic time in the U.S. and around the world. As Auburn University reacts to this fast-moving situation, we are enormously grateful for the dedication, high standards, and caring of our employees and community.

You may have observed an employee or group of employees who is taking extraordinary measures to help maintain business operations, assist students and staff, and/or ensure the safety of all of us at Auburn. If so, you can recognize them by completing a short online form or emailing univhr@auburn.edu. Please note that you can recognize any employee (Faculty, University Staff, Administrative/Professional, TES, undergraduate and graduate student workers, paid visiting scholars, graduate assistants, postdoctoral fellows), a group of employees, or even an entire department.

AU Human Resources will post these notes of recognition on this page and/or the following social media accounts:

Marcus Moore and Michael Cobb

I want to thank Marcus Moore and Michael Cobb for helping maintain the parking decks and wiping down the highly touched surfaces within the decks during the shutdown. There were fewer people on campus and limited numbers using the parking decks but they made sure the areas were maintained for safety. Marcus went above and beyond reporting a couple days each week throughout the entire time to make sure the decks were maintained. I appreciate you, Marcus and Michael, very much!

-Michael Hood, Service Support

William "Bill" Dempster

I want to thank William “Bill” Dempster for his commitment to maintaining the hardscapes across Auburn University. He continued pressure washing during the shutdown and was out only a few days that were scheduled leave. Bill pressure washed areas around Samford Hall and other central campus venues keeping those areas presentable. Many people made use of the Samford Park area during this time and Bill continually checked this area maintaining the Toomer’s Corner & Samford Park sidewalks.

-Michael Hood, Service Support

Misty Carroll

Misty is truly a light to those around her and we are so thankful to have an Associate Director who goes above and beyond for our team. She meets with us daily and always has an uplifting quote, story, or lesson. She advocates for us to grow professionally and personally every day, to create our stories, to define our purpose, and to be intentional in all that we do. She is great at bringing people together and has brought our team (EAS) to a new level. Because of her leadership, we continually work and strive to be better Auburn men and women. Because of her leadership, we are making positive changes across campus. Because of her leadership we are flourishing and growing as individuals and as a team. She is the definition of an Auburn Woman. Thank you for all that you do Misty. It does not go unnoticed.


Amber Wilson

Amber has been on staff for 7 months and she jumped right in coming up with great ideas for videos, scavenger hunts, and other curricula for local 4-H'ers to share on social media. Recently, Amber wanted to make sure 4-H'ers were engaged by making 400 grab bag activity kits for schools in all 4 towns in the count.

-Randolph County Extension

Jana Ingram and Charlie Saliba, IMS

Jana Ingram and Charlie Saliba have truly gone the extra mile during our remote work period. The IMS staff have surely been the busiest of any of us in Development, but in spite of their increased work loads, Jana and Charlie both helped me--cheerfully and professionally--with some time-consuming additional projects during this busy period. Jana Ingram spent extra time pulling some unusual lists for one of the the development officers I support. She not only did that willingly, but she offered to set up a recurring task for herself to do it each quarter. Jana also spent extra time providing me with one-on-one Zoom training for Qlik, and she was infinitely patient as I learned. Speaking of infinite patience, Charlie Saliba shared significant time with me during this busy season. He created a TouchNet account for a marketplace program for Engineering Development, and then he went the extra mile by meeting with me over Zoom several times to gauge our exact needs, and then creating several pages within TouchNet to improve our donors' giving experience. I've already gotten positive feedback from our first donor to use the new order link. Jana and Charlie are such assets to IMS and to Auburn University, and both are deserving of special recognition!

-Vicki Hudson, Engineering Development

Brandon Simmons, Paul Springfield, Jonathan Walker

Brandon, Paul, and Jonathan have been tirelessly supporting all Auburn University faculty and colleagues in the IT field since early March to shift teaching to remote teaching. This included endless hours on the phone or answering emails, being available in BigHelp (the Zoom Room set up to support faculty), learning quickly about new features software applications released and turning this new knowledge into useful information added to an ever-growing web-site of very useful resources. I have heard faculty say that their colleagues at other institutions are frustrated, helpless, and not feeling supported - and that here, at Auburn, all faculty have felt supported because of the amazing work these three individuals (and really everyone connected to IT) have accomplished. They deserve the highest praise and recognition! 

Maria Gebhardt

I’d like to share my appreciation for our Marketing Director in the College of Sciences and Mathematics. She goes above and beyond for her co-workers as well as the students at Auburn University. Even after the transition to remote operations, she has continued to be a pillar of support for COSAM. Her hard work and dedication inspires me to push myself to be the best I can be. She’s a true representation of the Auburn creed. Thank you, Maria, for everything you do! 

Randolph County SNAP-Ed & Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) Team

Rachael Graham and Ashley Butler stayed engaged with clientele with innovated videos and post on social media during while working remotely. Rachael developed a one-pager with food resources for school aged children in the county and posted on social media pages and in the newspaper. The original post reached over 4,700 people. Ashley altered Today's Mom and Eat Smart, Be Active classes with innovative PowerPoint presentations, Zoom classes, Facebook video chats to keep her participants engaged and on task to graduate from the programs. 

Randolph County Extension Office

Dr. Gary Lemme and team (ACES)

Dr. Lemme has provided exemplary leadership during this unprecedented time. From when operations were beginning to be disrupted to our gradual re-opening process, he has been diligent with providing information and guidance to the entire state team, all 67 counties. He is always available, day or night to his staff and gives regular check-ins to help us maneuver this difficult time. He led Extension through these times, not just surviving, but thriving. Through his encouragement, we have altered our modes of operation, to serve the people of Alabama in novel and unique ways- and because of this we are stronger for it! Many thanks to our state leadership team under Dr. Lemme's guidance! 

Alabama Extension | Russell

Steve Wall

The pandemic has placed extraordinary stress on the department's Technology unit, as we transition to online/remote learning. Without Steve's assistance, advice, and determination, we would not be able to deliver the high-quality education our students expect. 


Eddie Struzick, Richard Eller, Jeff Gulledge, James Casper, Paul Dickenson, James Coleman, Dylan Ostrander, Brian Philpott, Tony Stehman, Donna Giles (All who worked during the shutdown on the night shift 3:30 to midnight, Preventative Maintenance Shop)

These guys do a great job and have been since the start of the revised operational schedule, rarely missing a day and picking up the slack. The Auburn University Campus Community appreciates their hard work and commitment to research, extension and instruction. 

Risk Management and Safety

Chase Bringardner, Matt Gist, Cameron Lucas and our custodial team Keisha and Richelle

Our office in the Telfair Peet Theatre building has remained opened during the COVID19 to allow limited access for deliveries, phone calls, daily inquiries, office duties flowing and to assist the needs of Faculty and Staff working from home. Chase comes into the office daily with me and remains in his office after I leave for the day. Matt and Cameron continue to keep the theatre stage shop operating with projects for future plays, while practicing safe social distancing. Our custodial team, Keisha and Richelle, have been daily sanitizing and keeping a check on the every day needs for our office and building. I want to say "Thank you" to them all for being there daily with me, as we all pull together to keep it all going for each other.. 

Lis Queen, Theatre

Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) Unit

For more than 50 years, EFNEP has provided face-to-face nutrition education to Alabama’s limited-resource population through a peer educator model. Never, in the history of the program, was education offered remotely. The combined effort of the EFNEP State Staff team (n=4) and nutrition educators (n=21) has resulted in continued recruiting and teaching, during COVID-19, in 23 of Alabama’s most impoverished counties. The EFNEP unit collaborated to devise and create new methods to teach clients remotely. Nutrition educators “stepped up to the plate” to teach participants in ways participants were most comfortable learning. From telephone to videoconferencing and from video chat to text messaging, client engagement has been amazing. Tools such as the review of the federal database (i.e., WebNEERS), the weekly remote work journal, weekly Zoom check-in, and weekly tier meetings have been mechanisms for the EFNEP unit to stay connected, support one another, and provide evidence of reaching and teaching the target audience. This was the unit’s first time recruiting remotely, teaching remotely, and administering pre and post assessments remotely. The EFNEP unit moved from zero remote classes per week to 112 remote classes per week, as of May 8, 2020. There are currently 225 clients across the state engaged in a series of six nutrition education lessons from evidence-based curricula. All EFNEP staff have engaged in professional development opportunities. Most notably, each nutrition educator (n=21) now has a Certificate of Achievement from the National Nutrition Certification Program at Utah State University. Hats off to each member of the EFNEP unit for embracing remote learning during one of the most challenging times in our nation’s history. Not only have clients benefitted from remote learning but the EFNEP unit has also. 

Jovita J. Lewis, Alabama Cooperative Extension System

Dana Marquez & the Auburn Equipment Staff

Dana Marquez and the equipment staff not only provide our student-athletes the equipment they need to remain safe and comfortable, but are now doing the same for our essential workers! Dana, his family, and multiple equipment staff members have been working away to design and create masks for those in need. They have delivered over 2,100 masks to communities, facilities, hospitals, and healthcare companies all over the nation. So far, their masks have made it to New York, Chicago, Mobile, Huntsville, Birmingham, and many other areas. In addition to their day-to-day duties and responsibilities, Dana and his staff go above and beyond to combat COVID-19 on the frontline by ensuring the athletic facilities are cleaned and sanitized daily. 

Auburn Football

Ronda Lacey

Ronda has gone above and beyond during the COVID-19 pandemic for our office, the university, and the state of Alabama. She is AU’s HIPAA Privacy Officer, but in addition to being a lawyer and a pharmacist (AU HSOP, ’95), Ronda is the commander of a Disaster Medical Assistance Team (AL-1 DMAT) as part of the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) with 20 years of experience. She was recently selected to serve as a Senior Advisor for the Alabama Emergency Management Agency (EMA) to work with the Alabama National Guard and the Alabama Department of Public Health to communicate with medical operations divisions of the state regarding COVID-19. She imparts her disaster medical response knowledge to multiple departments aiding the Governor on steps going forward. Ronda also provides our office weekly updates on the state of affairs and assisted the Harrison School of Pharmacy with distributing hand sanitizer and obtaining masks. She is a true humanitarian and we are so fortunate to have her help the state and represent Auburn! 

Office of Audit, Compliance & Privacy

Karen Battye & Jeff Amey

Since the beginning of this strange virus Karen and Jeff have kept OTR running. They are always in constant contact with their employees, and if you ever have a question they are there to answer it without hesitation. Both have been on campus in the office keeping it running, so as to make sure no one that needs to be in the office is left outside. Such as the students and vendors! Both have been selfless in keeping OTR running and never once said, "Why me?" They display without hesitation the part of the creed, " I believe in work, hard work." They never have asked why they have to be there and the rest of the office doesn't. They give of themselves selflessly so that others do not have to! 

Office of the Registrar

Rusty Presley

The Alabama 4-H team would like to recognize ACES IT Specialist Rusty Presley for all the support he has given the 4-H team of more than 60 staff during this time of virtual 4-H programming and Zoom. In addition to helping out with our three day 4-H employee staff training meeting via Zoom, he presented a one-hour session on scheduling and hosting meetings. Rusty has tirelessly helped us schedule and monitor countless 4-H Zoom meetings with 4-Hers (183 4-Hers between two zooms in one day), statewide 4-H club Friday Zoom celebrations, and monthly 4-H volunteer reconnects. Rusty always joins in and is engaged and super responsive to answer our questions and provide advice. He has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help our 4-H staff on campus and across the state create safe and secure environments for youth learning and engagement. Our 4-H and ACES team is better with Rusty Presley as a member.. 

Nancy Alexander, ACES/4-H

Bridget Brown

Bridget Brown has been a huge asset to the Alabama 4-H Team over the last month. The Alabama 4-H program had the idea to deliver weekly 4-H Club programs for eight weeks consisting of 4-H educational videos Monday-Thursday posted to the Alabama 4-H Facebook page as well as Alabama 4-H You Tube Page. Then each Friday the week's theme wraps up with a live Zoom celebration of learning and project sharing of 4-H members. More than three-hundred and twenty-five 4-Hers statewide have registered and participated in the program so far. Bridget has worked with 4-H field staff to produce the daily video educational programs, twenty-five videos in the last month, with fifteen more videos scheduled over the next four weeks. Bridget has gone above and beyond the call of duty working late nights and weekends to get everything produced and closed captioned for all audiences. She has been available around the clock via cell phone, text and email. The program could not of happened without Bridget and her leadership and vision. https://www.aces.edu/blog/topics/4h/4-h-virtual-schedule-announced. 

Nancy Alexander, ACES/4-H

Debbie Tidwell

Debbie is an Office Supervisor in the Department of Civil Engineering. From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, she runs all administrative work in our department. She comes to office at 8 leaves sometimes after 7pm. Debbie is the only staff person that is in the building, and she does all the functions, in addition to her own. We ended the spring semester without any major problem because of her dedicated effort. She responds to all requests for help, from students, faculty and others. But she follows the safety precautions (mask and social distancing). As Department Chair, I feel a great relief by knowing the Debbie is taking care of all administrative functions. I would very much like to recognized the outstanding performance of Debbie Tidwell in this very difficult time.. 

Andrzej S. Nowak, Civil Engineering

Loren Allday, Cole Shafer, Shanda Foster and Glen Granberry

Once it was determined that the FFCRA leave laws would apply to Auburn University, Loren Allday immediately offered assistance to Human Resources by offering her and her team's expertise via an electronic format that is used in Facilities. Many hours of work, programming, creation and even cool videos went into the process and I wish to highlight how appreciative we are to Loren Allday, Cole Shafer, Shanda Foster and Glen Granberry. What an AUsome example of collaboration and teamwork between Facilities and the Payroll and Benefits areas of Human Resources!!! MANY thanks to this group. You are all wonderful, patient, smart and a lifesaver to us! Thank you so much! 

Ann Shore, Human Resources

Vinnie Hester

During the modified operations due to COVID-19 shutdowns, Vinnie's day to day interaction with professionals seeking training, scheduling training sessions, ensuring training materials are prepared, etc. has gone from being her primary day to day role to almost none. All of the courses that she support have been postponed. With the abundance of extra time Vinnie has populated a new training participant database, that she created, with three years work of historical data, and completely overhauled the web interaction for professionals registering for training. Vinnie got out a training manual and taught herself to program the website to streamline the process of registering and paying for professional training courses. Her new registration process is built to feed information into the database that she created. Vinnie used this time to make improvements to our processes and make our work easier once we resume our normal operations. 

Bethany O'Rear and crew

Bethany O'Rear is another strong player within Extension's Home Grounds Team. She is exercising her skills this spring in a new project, Grow More-Give More. It started small, with a handful of Master Gardener Extension Volunteers, but has now grown to a much larger crew of both Extension Agents and Volunteers. In mid-March, Bethany and 6 MGEVs visited about the state of our food supply. While the Alabama Department of Agriculture and news outlets promoted there was plenty of food in the supply chain, they were also hearing people ask how to start a garden at home. The Master Gardener program is about training volunteers to teach and serve the public - they are an extension of Extension. Here was a timely opportunity to do just that and address an immediate need locally. Grow More, Give More will include online tutorials, quick videos, kit plans, a toll-free helpline, and a collection of publications to guide new gardeners. At the same time, we will promote home gardens growing extra produce to donate. Starting with MGEVs, many of which are already experienced gardeners, we can contribute to local charities who provide fresh produce for those in need. Starting as a what-if idea shared between volunteers and their Extension Agent, Bethany has moved this forward at rapid pace. It will launch mid-May, just eight weeks after inception. 

Kerry Smith, CoAg - Dept. of Horticulture - Alabama Extension

ISE Administration

The ISE Department has really been supportive of working from home and incredibly responsive to needs. In many ways, they have been faster than walking down the hall! Bethany Beets, Dr. LuAnn Carpenter, Marisa Connally, Dr. John Evans, Denise Cooper, and Dr. Jerry Davis have been great and conducted ISE business without interruption. They have done a great deal to facilitate the transition to remote work. Thank you ISE for demonstrating great leadership during these stressful times!

-Richard Sesek

Leanne (Jonna) Greene

Leanne has gone above and beyond for our Campus Rec department over these past 6 weeks. She has worked non-stop, assisting with all communication about our department (refunds, cancellations, etc.), creating and proofing all text that go out to the public (via web, social, etc.), creating a brand new webpage for virtual programming, promoting that page, and finally, her team created a video to recognize all the Campus Rec graduating seniors. Leanne is amazing and needs to be recognized for all that she has been tasked with and all that she has done!

Campus Web Solutions

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to the entire Campus Web Solutions Team (CWS) team of Web application developers (Drew McAuley, Hunter Westlund, Lindsey Rafalsky, Madison Austin, Noah Davis, Peyton Gasink) and their Technical leads (Stephanie Parrish and Danny Moody). COVID -19 forced our teams to switch to remote operations over a weekend. All student Campus Web Solutions Team (CWS) web developers adapted to the remote working style very efficiently. They have worked diligently to build a very high quality software product. The team used communication and collaboration tools effectively with a sole focus on keeping the project work moving. This would all not be possible without the support of two very dedicated and supportive team leads. Kudos and thanks for your hard work team!

-Office of Quality and Change Management-OIT

Thomas Sawyer

We extend our sincere thanks to our manager Thomas Sawyer for choosing to become a 'Working Manager' of our team. In addition to his managerial duties, Thomas has chosen to help his team by participating in day to day project-related work commitments as well. He has consistently encouraged us to try new ideas and invest time in taking classes for professional development . He prioritizes the team's well-being over everything else. We thank you for your positive leadership style.

-Office of Quality and Change Management-OIT

Lisa Sosebee, Carmelita Davis and Pat Killian

Every phone call, social media inquiry and correspondence to our local Extension office has been responded to and routed promptly during our alternate operations. Students have been registered for summer and fall events, and follow up contacts have been made. I am grateful our office staff worked to keep us fully accessible!

-Calhoun County Extension Office

Chris Olds, Information Technology Specialist, Samuel Ginn College of Engineering

Very thankful for Chris' expertise in relation to assisting with my computer and IT needs during this transition to remote work. He always responds to requests quickly, is extremely thorough and has fantastic customer service. Thanks, Chris!

Ann Chambliss

Ann is the Program Assistant and Outreach Administrator for the Alabama Beginning Farmer and Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Programs. These are grant-based long term projects. Among various activities, Ann serves as the coordinator for the Farming Basics Online Course (~1000 enrolled) and the Alabama IPM Communicator E-newsletter (https://www.aces.edu/blog/topics/ipm-farming/alabama-ipm-communicator-newsletter/ with 3000+ direct subscriber, 3000 social media followers). Despite hardships due to stay at home orders and personal challenges, Ann has continued to provide major news to hundreds of farmers across Alabama and the Southeast. These are critical resources that farmers need because farming never stops! We in Alabama Extension are very proud of her and thankful to her for the support she provides to a number of Extension Agents and Specialists.

-Ayanava Majumdar 

Leigh Ann Ballard

Leigh Ann is a gifted sewer and has learned to make face masks. Many in the pharmacy school are still working with patients, and others just felt more comfortable having them. Leigh Ann made masks for anyone in the school who requested one, paying for the material and the shipping (as some of us are stationed around the state) on her own. She said it was her way of contributing to the effort.

Miller Writing Center Staff

The student consultants and front desk representatives at the Miller Writing Center have done an incredible job during the transition to remote instruction. They have continued to provide feedback, answer questions, and support student success. During the last six weeks of the semester, they conducted 324 online appointments and engaged with 166 clients. Great work!

-Heather Stuart, University Writing 

Lauren Lucas

Pharmaceutical Sciences graduate student and AU Presidential Graduate Research Fellow Lauren Lucas has done a remarkable job during the 2019-20 school year in coordinating the research activities of three undergraduate student researchers, two PharmD student researchers, and a volunteer researcher. Her challenge has been made all the more difficult by social distancing guidelines, which have prevented these other investigators from working in the lab the second half of the Spring semester. In response, Lauren has assigned them in silico (computational biology) experiments, data analysis responsibilities, analyses of the published scientific literature, and writing assignments. Thanks in large part to Lauren's efforts, our lab was recently awarded an AU Intramural Grants Program "Good to Great" grant and is well on the way to publishing 3 scientific papers later this year. Great job, Lauren!

-David Riese, Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Program / Department of Drug Discovery and Development 

Amanda Smitherman, College of Agriculture

Shout out to Amanda Smitherman for her support and dedication during this challenging time! Amanda has continued to lead our human resources efforts with a positive attitude both remotely and in the office several days a week. Amanda, I truly appreciate you. Things have been very chaotic lately, but you're crushing it!.

-Necy Smith, College of Agriculture Business Office 

Andrew Thornton, School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences

I'd like to recognize Andrew Thornton, of the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences IT Department, for always exhibiting a positive and helpful attitude. Andrew came to the rescue during our COVID isolation preparation time by upgrading my old laptop so that I could work remotely when needed. My laptop was very old and Andrew worked diligently to upgrade the software to allow me to successfully fulfill my job responsibilities. I would like to thank Andrew for always smiling and coming to the rescue when needed!  

Dr. Ali Abdel-Hadi

You are probably following the news as we all do, the lack of ventilators is on the front page of almost every newspaper. Hospitals are going as far as sharing ventilators or modifying oxygen devices usually used for decompression sickness or foot ulcers to assist patients who will need help breathing. Hospitals are going as far as using ventilators intended for animals redeployed for people. Dr. Ali Abdel-Hadi had an idea about 18 days ago, and applied for a patent on 23-MAR-2020, through our Office of Innovation Advancement and Commercialization, at Auburn University. The idea came to him after he saw in the news the "world crisis of running out of available ventilators". He worked on this for days and nights non-stop while fulfilling my teaching obligations. He built a prototype in the garage. He have submitted his innovation/solutions to multiple government agencies and is still waiting for a response. The university is aware of this, however, they have not publicized it yet. This new invention or design could result in the production of a new simple low cost ventilator, that could potentially save thousands of lives.

Experiential Programs Office

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Experiential Programs Office has worked tirelessly to maintain/reschedule student pharmacists' summer and fall rotations. Practice sites began suspending rotations in March but Lynn Stevenson, Lena McDowell and Stephanie Butler went above and beyond to ensure that the Class of 2020 could graduate on time as well as the classes of 2021, 2022 and 2023 could continue with their required experiences. These ladies are some of the best people I know and I am so proud to work with them.

-April G. Staton, Harrison School of Pharmacy 

Steve Wall

Steve has been extremely helpful during our transition to online learning. He has a great attitude and is always available to help students and faculty troubleshoot IT issues. His willingness to research and provide new equipment or software that makes teaching online easier has been essential to the transition.

-Alyssa Kuhns, School of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Planning

Pharmacy Staff

The Pharmacy Staff is incredible. They work with half the team members due to COVID-19 efforts to maintain staffing and physical distance. Each staff member comes in and does their job and more. All compounds, prescriptions and Pyxis tasks are completed no matter the time frame. They never question the need to interact with our clients and staff on a daily basis or to work that much harder to complete our daily required tasks. They wear their masks out of respect for each other and all members of the VTH team. They do all this with a smile you cannot see because of the mask...all you can see is the twinkle in their eyes! Thank you Porsha Gaines, Mechelle Golden, Alisha Mitchell, Mallory Longshore, David Thornton, Elisabeth Green, Jill Wardlow, Dan Fortin, Teri Etheredge, Susan Elrod, Chris Cleveland and Ashley Patton. (Pharmacy student help is also top notch...Jace Driscol, Jake Rainey, Keri Shipman, Tessa Dimmick and Austin Bush).

-Starr Miller, DCS VTH Pharmacy

OIT support groups

Tim Walker and James Petty...Thank you so much for your determination and hard work in getting our office prepared to go remote successfully. Your long hours of hard work has allowed SCPS to continue to take calls from our students in need of our services. Potentially a life-saving accomplishment! Clay Ritenbaugh and the entire SA OIT team...Even in the face of overwhelming requests and the constant exploration of possibilities, you always take my inquiries seriously and provide fast resolutions. Thank you for assisting in keeping SCPS functioning in a safe and secure manner! Ursula Sandefur and gang...You never cease to amaze! You and your team have more rabbits in your hats than any magician! Thank you for always finding "just one more" so that our staff can remotely provide the critical services of SCPS to our students. Last but not least, a big thank you to the entire AU OIT department! There has been so much that has been accomplished behind the scenes by so many in this department. I'm sure the entire campus agrees with me when I say, "we couldn't have done it without you!".

-Priscilla Little, Student Counseling & Psychological Services (SCPS)

Kecia Hills and Jo Ann Lauraitis

They have been amazing office managers and are always helping students and faculty when needed, whenever it is via online or in-person.

-Anh Nguyen

Jon Davis, Caroline Garsed, James Johnson, and Bobby Bradford

3D Printing of several masks for various hospitals and organizations.

-Oladiran Fasina, Biosystems Engineering 

Dr. Janet Moore

Academic advising and student registration for summer and fall semesters is normally a chaotic time. With the university operating under this alternate model, and the challenges of working with students remotely, Dr. Moore has truly stepped up to ensure we as advisors are fully informed, and able to continue to serve our students in the best possible fashion. Dr. Moore 's willingness to help us work through these challenges has made doing our jobs so much easier.

-Rob Kulick

Clark Lundell, Richard Burt, Christian Dagg, Karen Rogers, Ben Farrow, and Colleen Newschwander

To a fantastic team of thoughtful, enthusiastic, dedicated colleagues who are committed to the success of all CADC students, faculty, and staff. Thank you!

-Vini Nathan

Sarah Cogle, Pharm.D.

Dr. Sarah Cogle is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacy Practice at Auburn's Harrison School of Pharmacy. Dr. Cogle routinely provides clinical pharmacy services at East Alabama Medical Center (EAMC). However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, she has stepped up her outreach efforts to include the following essential services: she is writing peripheral nutrition orders 7 days a week and reviewing the charts (medication orders, drug doses, laboratory values etc.) of patients in the intensive care unit (ICU). This includes patients both with and without Covid-19. Dr. Cogle is a shining example of what pharmacists are doing to help combat an unprecedented pandemic. I am proud to know Dr. Cogle and to call myself her colleague.

-Scott Penzak, Department of Pharmacy Practice

Erika Kleppinger, Kevin Astle, Greg Peden, and Kimberly Braxton-Lloyd

These four members of Auburn's Harrison School of Pharmacy (HSOP), all of whom are Doctors of Pharmacy, came together to formulate 450 three-ounce bottles of hand sanitizer in the HSOP's Skills Laboratory (through the Auburn Patient Care Center Pharmacy). They were able to accomplish this compounding feet with the assistance of several pharmacy students and faculty members. The bottles of hand sanitizer were distributed to members of the community who were in need. Kudos to these Auburn pharmacists and pharmacy students for going above and beyond to help members of our community to stay safe and Covid-free!

-Scott Penzak, Department of Pharmacy Practice

Marilyn Bulloch, Pharm.D., and Spencer Durham, Pharm.D.

Dr. Bulloch is a Critical Care Pharmacy Specialist who provides clinical pharmacy services for Druid Community Hospital in Tuscaloosa. She continues to go on rounds with physicians where she provides patient care and teaches students throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Dr. Durham, an Infectious Diseases Pharmacy Specialist, provides clinical pharmacy services (primarily antimicrobial stewardship) at the Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System (CAVHCS) among other responsibilities. Dr. Durham continues to work remotely and teach students during the pandemic. Together, Drs. Bulloch and Durham have teamed up to provide several educational webinars on Covid-19. These webinars have been very well received and have reached maximum capacity. Both Dr. Bulloch and Dr. Durham are Associate Clinical Professors at Auburn's Harrison School of Pharmacy. I salute both of these individuals for their tireless commitment to patient care and education during this very challenging time.

-Scott Penzak, Department of Pharmacy Practice


Dr. Bulloch is a practice-based faculty in the Harrison School of Pharmacy, department of Pharmacy Practice. She is specialty trained in the area of critical care medicine and has practiced in the hospital, training pharmacy students while treating patients with Auburn University for approximately 10 years. While her husband is a critical component of the military, she is also a critical aspect to the health care system. During this time of COVID-19, she has continued to attend to patients' needs in the hospital setting, some of whom have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, while also training her fourth year Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience students. She should be commended for bravely continuing to risk her personal health for the betterment of her patients and the future of the profession.

Building Services

Some of our building service employees has been working keeping our buildings clean since this coronavirus pandemic started. I think that we all should be recognized as well as others.


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