As a part of the Market Study, all jobs that are considered University Staff (US) or Administrative & Professional (A&P) have been:

  • Mapped to a job family

  • Assigned to the job family’s pay structure

  • Assigned to a pay range within the new pay structure

The new pay structures and the jobs assigned to each structure and pay range have been published online. Employees may discuss any questions they have with their supervisor and/or designated Human Resources Liaison (HRL).

HRLs may submit a review on behalf of this discussion if:

  • A job did not match the assigned job family, and

  • A new salary grade placement in the new pay structures was inaccurate.

This website contains detailed information about the review process for employees. If you are an employee considering the option to review with your HRL, you should become familiar with this process.

Review Process

This website outlines the internal university process for good-faith review and resolution of market study inquiries submitted through designated HRLs as a result of the study implementation.

While the university has developed this formal internal review process, employees should first seek a resolution to their questions through discussions with their immediate supervisor(s) and their HRL. If these discussions do not resolve the issue to the employee’s satisfaction, the employee may collaborate with their immediate supervisor and their HRL following the process on this website.

HRLs, in collaboration with the Dean or Division Head, should determine if a formal review is appropriate. For tracking purposes, HRLs should notify Compensation, through the submission workflow process.



The following review process shall address and seek to resolve any employee or supervisor disagreement with the placement of their job assignment resulting from the 2022 Market Study. The supervisor and or employee must follow these steps in the following order.

Reviewable Issues

  • A job did not match the assigned job family, and

  • A new salary grade placement in the new pay structures was inaccurate resulting in compression, inversion or other unintended consequences. Some examples may include, but are not limited to the following:

    • The supervisor grade is lower than the subordinate level

    • Non like-value jobs assigned to the same grade, etc.

Non-Reviewable Issues

  • An employee’s specific amount of market adjustment

  • An employee’s merit increase

  • A salary range, including minimums, midpoint and maximums

  • An employee’s title

    • If your job title has been changed due to the Information Technology changes, please consult with your supervisor.

  • A job’s corresponding market data and market matches.

    • Compensation may work with designated HRLs to review if necessary.

  • Other promotions received Oct. 1, 2022, such as Job Family Promotions

Until a review is resolved, the job will remain assigned to the job family and pay structure.


A reclassification cannot be submitted solely to review market study results. Noting that current job descriptions may not be updated to reflect current job duties, Compensation is developing a plan to address these issues. If a one-off, or single-incumbent job is needed for reclassification review, the department can submit the request, following the normal position review process. Compensation will still receive reclassification requests as normal. Please consult with your HRL for details.  

General Requirements


  • Submissions of review will occur between Nov. 1, 2022 and Feb. 1, 2023.

Where to Submit

  • Please contact your HR Liaison for additional information on completing the review process request form.

Review Contents

Compensation will only process formal reviews utilizing the link provided to HRLs.

  • Compensation will not consider general inquiries through email, online chats or conversation as an official review.

  • To ensure consistency of the process, the submission must occur through the formal review process by the filing date.

  • There will not be an additional appeals process after the communicated decision.

Point of Contact

The main point of contact for formal reviews will be the division’s HRL. All reviews and decisions will be communicated through the HRL.

Review Outcome

If Compensation or involved stakeholders determine that a change to a job family assignment or salary grade is appropriate the following will apply:

  • Compensation will notify the submitter of the request (HRL) through email confirming any changes.

  • Compensation will review any potential salary implications.

    • HRL will communicate results to the employee either through email or a letter.

  • Compensation will collaborate with Records and Payroll to make necessary changes.

  • Compensation will reflect any necessary changes online.

Last updated: 02/16/2023