The Job Family Promotion (JFP) program recognizes employees who are performing higher levels of work within their respective job family title series.

  • These employees meet the minimum education, experience, and development requirements for a promotion.

  • They are also executing higher levels of skill, effort, and responsibilities in their jobs. 

Additional information on the program, including changes for the upcoming fiscal year, is included below.

IMPORTANT: The availability of an additional designated level within the job title series does not, on its own, indicate that an employee should be promoted. Rather, it signifies that there is the potential for a promotion consideration. 


Employees being considered for promotion must still meet each of the following criteria:

  • The employee must have been at their current level within the job title series for the required length of time.

  • The employee must complete any training and development requirements for the next higher level within the title series. (See below.)

  • Validation of warranted promotion - The employee must be performing the duties, responsibilities, and accountabilities specified at the higher level in their job description at a level of “meets expectations” or above.

Supervisors will work with their HR Liaisons to determine eligibility and, as warranted, complete the Request for Job Family Promotion packets. HR Liaisons will submit the completed packets to University Human Resources.

Training and Development

The supervisor can establish specific training and development plans as part of the performance planning process. The supervisor and/or HR Liaison should work together to determine if training/development requirements have been met. The following should be used in making this determination:

  • The employee’s job description

  • The employee's development plan (part of the annual performance planning process)

  • The employee’s personnel file

IMPORTANT: If the employee has not met the established development expectations, then they are not eligible to be considered for promotion.  

Supervisor Instructions

If you are a supervisor:

  • Work with your HR Liaison to determine if any of your direct reports are eligible for a job family promotion. (Additional information is available on the Job Family Promotion (JFP) Verification Instructions.)

  • If you have employees who meet all requirements as listed in the instructions, then work with your HR Liaison to complete the required Request for Job Family Promotion packet for each employee. 

IMPORTANTUHR will only accept requests for JFP forms from a designated HR Liaison.

HR Liaison Instructions

If you are an HR Liaison:

  1. Work with your dean, director, or division head to determine and communicate the internal deadline for your college or division. All requests must be submitted to UHR by May 3.

  2. Review and verify the employees’ eligibility for promotion. 

  3. Document the results of your verification and validation in Smartsheet®. (As warranted, refer to the packet Submitting Job Family Promotion (JFP) Requests in Smartsheet®.) 

  4. Review and validate the promotional justifications as documented in the Request for Job Family Promotion. Once finalized, attach the completed request forms in Smartsheet®.

  5. Summarize the requests within Smartsheet® by using the link that will be provided for your department. Your division’s Smartsheet® form has already been populated with your employees whose job is within a title series but not at the top level.

  6. Finalize within Smartsheet® by the May 3 deadline.

For More Information

Supervisors should contact their HR Liaison if they have questions. If additional information is needed, contact a member of our Compensation team:

  • Shelly Murray, Director, Compensation and Classification, (334) 844-1635

  • Bailey Ward, Manager, Classification & Compensation Administration, (334) 844-1601

  • Anna White, Assistant Manager, Compensation Administration, (334) 844-1858

  • Kimberly Hedden, Compensation Specialist, (334) 844-7050

  • Laura Layfield, Compensation Specialist, (334) 844-1670

  • Carson McClendon, Compensation Specialist, (334) 844-1773

  • Kevin Engle, Compensation Specialist, (334) 844-5370

Last updated: 01/23/2024