Tiger Perks is a terrific way for local and national businesses to spotlight their employee discount to thousands of Auburn University and Auburn Montgomery employees. 

There is no cost for the business or the employee to participate. If your business is interested in participating the program, please read below and complete the Vendor Application Form. If you have questions, please email AU Human Resources at univhr@auburn.edu

Terms and Conditions

Auburn University will allow certain approved providers to offer discounted products and/or services to Auburn University and Auburn Montgomery employees as per the guidelines below. Offers must be unique to Auburn, or not available to the general public, and must not be a conflict of interest with existing University contracts. 

  • All discounts offered must have value to AU/AUM employees, must be unique and must not generally be offered to the public. Discounts should be 10 percent or greater (other equivalents may be acceptable).

  • Vendors interested in offering discounted products or services through the Tiger Perks program must complete the Vendor Application Form. Approved submissions will be posted to the Tiger Perks website. The business/organization will receive an email if the offer was not approved.

  • Submissions must include a publishable name, address and phone number.

  • Offers must include an expiration date to be considered, to include N/A if the offer is expected to continue indefinitely.

  • Upon expiration, unless we are notified otherwise, Auburn University may elect to renew the current offer for a one year period.

  • Decisions regarding inclusion in the Tiger Perks program may take several weeks. Once approved, the offer will be included on the Tiger Perks website as soon as administratively practicable. No other means of communication of the offer to employees will be guaranteed.

  • Auburn University reserves the right to accept or refuse any offering, and may prohibit or discontinue participation by a vendor at any time for any reason, to include unsuitability of goods/services or negative experiences as reported from users. Inclusion in the program is at the sole discretion of Auburn University Payroll & Employee Benefits and all decisions are final. There is no appeal process for denials.

  • Auburn University may revise, modify or terminate the program at any time without notice.

  • A vendor's participation in the Tiger Perks program will not constitute or create a contract with Auburn University for the provision of any goods/services. In addition, inclusion in the Tiger Perks program will not modify the terms of any existing vendor contract for goods/services with Auburn University.

  • Inclusion in the Tiger Perks program is not an endorsement by Auburn University, its Board of Trustees, officers, agents or employees.

  • A vendor may not disclaim knowledge of or responsibility for the authenticity or legality of their product or service.

  • Any issues related to transactions that take place as a result of information provided are between the individual employee and the organization providing the discount. Auburn University is providing this program as a convenience only and is not a party to any relationship between the vendor and employee.

  • AU is not responsible for any errors, omissions or loss due to posting a discount offer for a business/organization. Any incorrect information will be modified as soon as possible once AU receives written notice of the omission or error.

  • Participating vendors must notify AU Human Resources immediately if a discount ends or is no longer available. It is the responsibility of the vendor to keep all information, including information on its own website related to this offer, up to date.

  • Due to the limited amount of space, a limit on the number of individual discount offers from a vendor or for a particular product/service by multiple vendors may be imposed based on the perceived or demonstrated value of the offer.

  • The product or service being offered cannot compete with an existing product or service which is available as an University benefit or provided service.

  • Approved businesses or vendors must offer the discount at time of purchase (no rebates, gift cards and/or refunds).

  • AU will not pay a fee to any vendor for participation in the program. If employees are required to pay a fee to a business to buy access to other discounted industries (such as purchasing a discount card), the vendor will not be included in the program.

  • Tiger Perks will not advertise discounts/services for certain provider types, including day care/elder care providers, housing/real estate agents, independent distributors or certain other professional service providers.

  • Discount offers cannot be for cigarettes/tobacco, gambling or gambling venues, sexual services or adult entertainment, alcohol, tanning, firearms or health/life insurance.

  • Inclusion of a vendor's goods/services in the TigerPerks program is not a guarantee of the quality or performance of the goods/services offered.

  • No Auburn University or Auburn Montgomery logos or images may be used by the vendor.

  • Vendors may not solicit on campus or contact an employee in person, via email, or by written materials during the employee's workday except as authorized by Auburn University policies concerning solicitation.

AU does not endorse, warrant, or verify the information provided on this website. Any issues related to transactions that take place as a result of information provided are between the individual employee and the organization providing the discount.

Last updated: 02/16/2023