Group health care and group life coverage may be extended for employees while on official leave without pay as follows:

Involuntary Leave Without Pay

Coverage will continue with no change in premium provided the employee requests continuation of coverage and arranges for advanced premium payment. Periodic reviews will be made for employees to maintain this status.

Faculty and specifically identified Cooperative Extension employees who have been properly approved for professional improvement leave and/or study leave, will be permitted to maintain coverage with no change in premium contribution to the extent and conditions stated in the Faculty Handbook. The employee must request continuation of coverage and arrange for advance premium payment.

Employees approved for leave under the Family Medical Leave Act will be permitted to continue their group health insurance coverage with no change in premium in accordance with the University's policy and procedures.

Voluntary Leave Without Pay

Coverage will continue for the pay period for which his/her last premium was deducted.

Employees with at least three (3) years of service (excluding professional improvement or study leave) can request coverage up to three (3) full months beyond the last premium period deduction provided the employee pays 100 percent of the total cost.

Group health insurance may be continued after the three (3) month period under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). Additional information is available at Payroll & Employee Benefits.

Employees with less than three (3) years of service can request coverage under COBRA paying 102 percent of total cost.

Long Term Disability benefits will not be effective while on Involuntary or Voluntary Leave Without Pay.

Last updated: 02/16/2023