Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance

Group Plan


Active full-time non-student employees are eligible if the most recent employment period is continuous for a minimum of twelve months (nine months for faculty on 9-month appointment). Coverage is effective on the date that employee has been actively at work for one full year from the date of most recent employment.


The plan consists of two parts.

  1. Short-term Disability

    Upon exhaustion of accrued sick leave (use of vacation leave is optional), Auburn University will continue salary payments at a reduced rate of 60% of the pre-disability rate until the elimination period has been satisfied or the employee is able to return to work, whichever is sooner. Neither sick nor vacation leave will accrue while the employee is receiving the 60 percent rate.

  2. Long-term Disability

    Insurance coverage with a 180-Day Elimination Period - An elimination period means a period of continuous disability which must be satisfied before you are eligible to receive benefits from the insurance company. Under the 180-day elimination period benefits begin on the 181st day of disability. The elimination period begins on the first day the employee is unable to work.

Both parts provide coverage up to 60%; of the employee's pre-disability rate with a maximum amount of $7,000 per month and a minimum of $100.

Both parts are subject to the "Non-Duplication Off-set Provision." This provision requires that any payment through Social Security, Teachers' Retirement, etc., must be coordinated with disability payments from the plan. This coverage is provided by the University at no cost to the employee.

Definition of Disability

For the purpose of the insurance, total disability means if during the first two years of any period of disability, a person is unable to perform the duties of his/her occupation. During the continuation of the period of disability beyond two years, the person is unable to engage in any business or occupation or to perform any work for compensation, gain or profit for which he/she is reasonably fitted by education, training or experience.

Supplemental Disability - Individual Plan

This supplemental plan gives Auburn University employees the opportunity to complete their disability insurance program in accordance with their individual financial needs. It provides coverage during the one-year waiting period before the group plan takes effect; and, since it would not be coordinated with the group plan, provides additional monthly benefits during the total period of disability.

The employee is responsible for the cost the coverage. Further information may be obtained by contacting Johnson + Sterling locally at 887-5533 or outside the local area 1-866-887-5533.

Last updated: 01/07/2019