Auburn University offers a choice of two cancer insurance plans, both of which are fully funded by employee premiums. The primary purpose of cancer insurance is to assist with the non-medical costs associated with cancer.

These policies pay benefits directly to the employee unless assigned to a doctor or hospital, regardless of any other insurance coverage in effect. This provides extra resources to help offset any financial loss experienced during this period. Both plans will pay a benefit ($3,000 or $5,000) upon initial cancer diagnosis.

In addition, just by having a routine wellness screening such as a pap smear, prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test or a mammogram, a covered person will receive a wellness benefit ($50 or $75). Other benefits include payment for travel and lodging expenses when traveling for treatment. Participation in the program is optional. Benefits are provided by Colonial Life Insurance Company.


Active full-time non student employees are eligible if the most recent appointment period is continuous for a minimum of one year (nine or twelve as appropriate to the appointment).


New employees must enroll within the first 30 days of employment. If elected during this time, coverage will be issued on a guaranteed issue basis. This means that an employee can enroll in the coverage without having to submit evidence of good health for approval and regardless of past cancer history.

There is a 12 month look-back clause - this means that if there has been treatment for cancer in the previous 12 months, the covered person must satisfy a 12 month waiting period before receiving a benefit from the coverage. After the 12 month waiting period, the benefit will begin to pay immediately.

After initial eligibility, application may be made during the annual open enrollment period of November 1 through November 30.

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Last updated: 02/16/2023