This Is Auburn Office of International Programs Service to the World
  • Allison Stewart
  • Professor of Equine Internal Medicine College of Veterinary Medicine

Allison Stewart is a Professor of Equine Internal Medicine in the Dept of Clinical Sciences at the College of Veterinary Medicine. She has been at Auburn for 11 years, but graduated from the University of Melbourne in Australia.

“I want my students to realize there is a big, beautiful world outside the state’s boarders, and sometimes you need to travel to realize just how lucky you really are”. Stewart has helped numerous veterinary students undertake externships with colleagues in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, England, Ireland and Daubai. “As a student you are always welcomed and allowed to participate so much more than after graduation. People will often take you into their homes and really show you their world.”

Dr Stewart has lectured at international level Association Conferences in France, Brazil, Morocco and Chile. “While on vacation or after a conference I try to visit veterinary schools to meet with students and faculty and have given seminars in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Hungary, Spain, France and Netherlands.”

The equine section is a very multicultural group and Dr Stewart has mentored veterinary residents from Germany (2), Canada (2), Columbia (2), Brazil, England (2), Belgium, Spain (2) Argentina and Australia. “Such diversity improves the overall care of our patients as a broad range of perspectives are obtained. Discussions about foreign animal disease are often enlightened by residents who have actually treated cases of these conditions. Our students also get to hear a little bit about other countries and cultures, and really appreciate the state-of-art facilities and opportunities they have as students of Auburn University.”

Dr. Stewart is looking forward to leading a 2 week faculty led study abroad program for veterinary students and faculty to tropical North Queensland, in Australia in June.

Last Updated: November 16, 2017