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Choosing a Major

Aubie thinking about choosing his major

In COSAM, designation of your “major” may be confusing at first because of differing categories, options, and concentrations within majors.  The following points should help clear up the confusion:

  • If you want to go into a human health profession, you will need to choose your “concentration” first. 
    • The concentrations are Pre-Medicine; Pre-Dentistry; Pre-Optometry; Pre-Physical Therapy; Physician Assistant; and Pre-Pharmacy. 
    • You do not declare your major until you have finished 60 hours of credit. 
  • All of the pre-health concentrations except Pre-Pharmacy have five majors from which to choose:  (1) Biomedical Sciences;  (2) Chemistry;  (3)Microbiology; (4) Physics; and (5) Organismal Biology.
  • The Pre-Pharmacy concentration has two options you can consider: 
    • (1)The three year program that constitutes the exact pre-requisites for the Harrison School of Pharmacy (HSOP) here at Auburn University;

    • (2)The four year Biomedical Science degree with a Pre-Pharmacy concentration.  This curriculum includes all 89 hours of the pre-requisites as well as 31 additional hours to earn the Biomedical Science degree.

  • The Pre-Veterinary concentration has three options to consider in COSAM: 
    • The three year program that constitutes the exact pre-requisites for the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine; 
    • The four year degree program for the Organismal Biology major in the Veterinary Medicine concentration; 
    • The four year degree program for the Microbiology major in the Veterinary Medicine concentration.

The “mainline” majors are those that are not set up to provide pre-requisites for a professional school.  Students many times will wish to continue in the major in graduate school.  These majors are classified by departments:

  • Biological Sciences:

    • Marine Biology, B.S.

    • Microbial, Cellular and Molecular Biology (Microbiology option), B.S.

    • Microbial, Cellular and Molecular Biology (Cell/Molecular option), B.S.

    • Organismal Biology, Integrative Biology option, B.S.

    • Organismal Biology, Conservation/Biodiversity concentration, B.S.

    • Organismal Biology, Ecology/Evolution/Behavior concentration, B.S.

  • Chemistry:

    • Biochemistry, B.S.

    • Chemistry, B.A.

    • Chemistry, B.S.

    • Laboratory Science, B.S.

    • Medical Laboratory Science. B.S.

  • Geography/Geology

    • Geography, B.A.

    • Geology, B.S.

  • Mathematics and Statistics:

    • Applied Math, B.S.

    • Applied Math, Actuarial option, B.S.

    • Applied Math, Discrete option, B.S.

    • Mathematics. B.S.

  • Physics:

    • Physics, B.S.


If you came into COSAM undecided, you will need to declare a major or concentration by the end of your freshman year.  For help, check out the various resources in COSAM and resources elsewhere on campus

Last Updated: 08/29/2017