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Dr. T. Lee Baumann

Dr. T. Lee BaumannDr. T. Lee Baumann a medical consultant in Birmingham, Ala., has been a member of the COSAM Dean’s Leadership Council since 2008. He holds medical certifications in internal medicine, geriatrics and medical management, and practiced medicine for about 20 years. For the past 12 years, he has worked as a “quantum spirituality” writer. His first book, "God at the Speed of Light," helped to inspire a CBS television series, "Joan of Arcadia." His ninth book, "Medusa of Time: How Technology Redefines Copenhagen," was published in September, and according to the press release, the book, “reconciles the age-old question of why human observation appears to cause the collapse of the enigmatic wave function of quantum mechanics." The book is further described as transforming complex scientific concepts to understandable terms, even for the non-scientist.

Baumann has been featured for his writing and theories in television documentaries by Grizzly Adams productions ("The Evidence for Heaven" and "The Search for Heaven"), Alabama Public Television, and has appeared on the popular radio programs "Coast-to-Coast" and CBC's "Tapestry.”

Despite the success of his books, Baumann maintains that when it comes to his career, he is most proud of achieving his lifelong dream of becoming a practicing physician.

He received his bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University in 1972 and was a member of the charter class at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. He did his residency in internal medicine at Harrisburg Hospital in Harrisburg, Pa., and was certified in 1980 by the American Board of Internal Medicine. Until 1996, Baumann held several job positions in the medical field, including: a private practice in internal medicine; as a medical associate with Geisinger; and as the medical director of both HMO of Northeastern Pennsylvania and Complete Health, which is a United HealthCare company. Since then, Baumann has worked as a medical consultant.

Although Baumann does not hold a degree from Auburn, he supports the institution both financially and through his role as a member of the COSAM Dean’s Leadership Council. He and his wife, Dr. Brenda Baumann, and five family members, have endowed five scholarships at Auburn. “God at the Speed of Light” is the name he and his wife use to endow the scholarships, and their giving does not stop at Auburn University. They have endowed God at the Speed of Light scholarships throughout the Southeast, including at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, University of Alabama, The University of Southern Mississippi, The University of Mississippi, Mississippi State, and at Baumann’s alma mater, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.

Baumann has held or holds professional positions on the following: Leadership Council, University of Alabama at Birmingham (2011- present); Leadership Board and Vice-Chair, University of Alabama College of Arts and Sciences (2007 – present); Board of Governors, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine (2005 – 2011, fulfilled term limit); Dean’s Advisory Council, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Southern Mississippi (2005 – 2009); Utilization Management/ Quality Improvement Committee member for Computer Sciences Corp. (1999- present); Physician Reviewer, National Committee on Quality Assurance (May, 1993- February 1997); and Examiner for the American Board of Medical Management (1994 to 1996).

“We believe strongly that education is the key to the future and success of our race and planet,” Baumann said. “The sciences, in general, need an added emphasis and more social support in this country. Auburn has proven itself to be the perfect representative in this regard. The state of Alabama is very fortunate to have the quality of universities that it does.”

Baumann added that he enjoys participating on the Dean’s Leadership Council as it gives him an opportunity to provide input to COSAM, interact with other Leadership Council members, and witness first-hand how Auburn is giving back to the community through education and social activities.

“I have been extremely blessed in this life and hope to do more to give back well into the future,” Baumann said.

When not writing or consulting, Baumann enjoys listening to music, reading, playing tennis and lecturing aboard cruise ships. He and his wife live in Birmingham, Ala., and they have a 33-year-old son, Morgan.
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