Michael S. Pindzola
Theoretical Atomic Physics

Office: Allison Lab #103

206 Allison Laboratory
Auburn, AL 36849-5319

Phone: (334) 844-4127
E-Mail: pindzola@physics.aubun.edu


Ph.D, University of Viirgina 1975
B.A., (Summa cum Laude), The University of the South 1970

Professional Employment

Professor, Department of Physics, Auburn University 1977-present
Post-doctoral fellowship, National Research Council, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 1975-1977

Professional Activities

EU Atomic Data Analysis Structure Consortium
US Southeastern Laboratory Astrophysics Consortium
Los Alamos National Laboratory
UK Collaborative Computational Project
EU Stored Particle Atomic Research Collaboration

Research and Teaching Interests

I continued my research activities in the field of atomic and molecular collision theory. A number of papers were published in the Physical Review and the Journal of Physics (London), while a number of abstracts were submitted to national and international meetings. At the current time I am involved with six nationally and internationally funded research projects: • DOE/Fusion Energy Sciences/Grant 1 (Jan 2011 - Dec 2013) • DOE/Fusion Energy Sciences/Grant 2 (Sept 2011 - Aug 2013) • NSF/Atomic Theory/Grant (Sept 2010 - Aug 2013) • NSF/CCF Program/Grant (Apr 2011 - Mar 2014)

Selected Publications

  1. ”Time-Dependent Close-Coupling Calculations using a Core-OrthogonalizationMethod for the Electron- Impact Ionization of Atoms and Molecules”,M. S. Pindzola, J. A. Ludlow, F. Robicheaux, and J. Colgan, International Review of Atomic and Molecular Physics 2 , 67 (2011).
  2. ”Review of Current Light Species Electron-Impact Excitation Data in the CFADC Database”, D. Wu, S. D. Loch, C. P. Ballance, and M. S. Pindzola, International Review of Atomic and Molecular Physics 2 , 99 (2011).
  3. ”Application of the Time-Dependent Close-Coupling Approach to Few Body Atomic and Molecular Collisions”, J. P. Colgan and M. S. Pindzola, European Journal of Physics 66 , 284 (2012).
  4. ”Single and Double Charge Transfer in Flatland”, M. S. Pindzola and T. G. Lee, International Review of Atomic and Molecular Physics 3 , xx (2012).
  5. ”Generalized Collisional-Radiative Calculations for Li in Moderately Dense Plasmas”, S. D. Loch and M. S. Pindzola, International Review of Atomic and Molecular Physics 4 , xx (2013).

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