Chandana Mitra
Assistant Professor

Office: Suite 2046J
Haley Center
Telephone: (334) 844-4229 

Climatology, urbanization and growth models, urban climate, climate change, South Asia-urbanization and impacts, sustainability, GIS and remote sensing, climate modeling

Chandana Mitra’s teaching responsibilities largely reflect her interests in urban growth, GIS and climate science. The courses she offers include GIS, climatology, physical geography, urban geography and Asia. 

Dr. Mitra’s training and primary research interests are in the field of urban climate, urban land cover/land use change, growth dynamics in developing countries, urban growth models, mesoscale weather processes and modeling, climate change, satellite remote sensing and GIS. She has extensively used urban growth models and mesoscale climate models to better understand the dynamics of human - environmental interactions. Her future research interests are to understand the role of aerosols in altering urban climatic patterns, along with environmental planning, greener cities, and examining different ways of mitigating urban heat island. Her current research projects focus on the U.S. and South Asian countries. However, she will be applying these methodologies and findings more globally in the future. 

Mitra, C., M. Shepherd and T. Jordan, 2011: “On the relationship between the pre-monsoonal rainfall climatology and urban land cover dynamics in Kolkata city, India”. International Journal of Climatology (, DOI: 10.1002/joc.2366).

Mahmood, R., R. Pielke Sr., K. Hubbard, D. Niyogi, G. Bonan, P. Lawrence, B. Baker, R. McNider, C. McAlpine, A. Etter, S. Gameda, B. Qian, A. Carleton, A.B.-Przekurat, T. Chase, A. Quintanar, J. Adegoke, S. Vezhapparambu, G. Conner, S. Asefi, E. Sertel, D. Legates, Y. Wu, R. Hale, O. Frauenfeld, A. Watts, M. Shepherd, C. Mitra, V. Anantharajan, S. Fall, R. Lund, A. Nordfelt, P. Blanken, J. Du, H. Chang, R. Leeper, U. Nair, S. Dobler, R. Deo, and J. Syjtus. 2010 “Impacts of land use land cover change on climate and future research priorities”. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (BAMS, January 2010).

Mitra, C., M. Shepherd, and T. Jordan, 2011. The dynamics of urban growth in Kolkata, India and potential impacts on pre-monsoon precipitation. “Social Geography for the 21st century: Felicitation in honor of Dr Allen Noble”, edited by A. K. Dutt, V. Wadhwa, B. Thakur and G. M. Pomeroy (Chapter in press).

Last updated: 10/01/2013