Daniel  McGowin

Office: Haley 2046L

210 Petrie Hall
Auburn, AL 36849

Phone: (334) 844-3418
Fax: (334) 844-3409

Cultural Geography with an interest in the spatial aspects of popular culture such as sports, music, and literature. Political Geography with an interests in identity construction on the cultural landscape (monuments, buildings). Regional interests in Taiwan, Japan, and the U.S. South.

Lecturer, Auburn University

2014 - Present

Predominantly human geography: Global Geography, Geography of U.S. and Canada, International Travel and Tourism, Cartography.  Aspirations to teach future courses on Geography of (East) Asia, Geography of Europe, and possibly develop new courses related to his areas of specialization.

Primary research interest is in the area of identity construction and the various methods humans attempt to assert and assign identity through the cultural landscape.  It is a blend of political and cultural geography, as much of his research draws on studies on the cultural landscape and identity construction, as well as the politics of memory and identity in terms of spatial relationships.  Previous research focused on identity through the lens of monuments, religious sites, election patterns,  international sports, and language.

Current projects include public memory and the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taiwan, identity construction and the Taipei 101 skyscraper, and the use of ghost stories and haunted places as an expression of identity in Alabama.  Future projects include Olympic nationalism and Chinese Taipei (Taiwan),  the Yasukuni Shrine in Japan, and the use of surrogation to explain international recognition of Taiwan.

Developed online course for World Regional Geography course for Alabama State University (2012); Member of the Association of American Geographers [AAG] (2005-present); Member of the Southeastern Division of the Association of Geographers [SEDAAG] (2004-present); Program Committee for the Annual Meeting of SEDAAG (2010)

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Last updated: 11/25/2014