Susanne Striegler
Associate Professor

Phone: (334) 844-6954

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University of Ulm, Germany, Habilitation, 2003
California Institute of Technology, CA, Postdoctoral Fellow, 1996-1997
University of Ulm, Germany, Dr. rer. nat. (Ph.D.), 1995
University of Ulm, Germany, Diplom (M.S.), 1993
University of Ulm, Germany, Vordiplom (B.S.), 1989

Organic Chemistry:  catalysis, carbohydrates, molecular recognition, polymers

We design and synthesize transition metal complexes as catalysts to transform carbohydrates into other, useful entities in a novel way. These catalysts are derived from transition metal ions and multidentate ligands, such as salen.

Our projects focus on

  • developing macromolecular catalysts for selective oligosaccharide synthesis
  • fighting HIV and cancer with new carbohydrate binding complexes
  • battling obesity with unnatural sugars
  • providing carbohydrates from renewable resources

We use organic synthesis, catalysis, biochemistry and molecular recognition in combination with material science for these interdisciplinary projects.

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R. Kanso, S. Striegler,* Multi gram-scale synthesis of galactothionolactam and its transformation into a galactonoamidine, Carbohydr. Res. 2011, 346(7), 897-904.

S. Striegler, * N. A. Dunaway, M. G. Gichinga, L. L. Milton, Binuclear complexes for aerobic oxidation of primary alcohols and carbohydrates, Tetrahedron 2010, 66(40), 7927-7932.

M. G. Gichinga, S. Striegler,* N. A. Dunaway, J. D. Barnett, Miniemulsion polymers as support for transition metal catalysts, Polymer 2010, 51(3), 606-615.

S. Striegler,* N. A. Dunaway, M. G. Gichinga, J. D. Barnett, A.-G. D. Nelson, Evaluating binuclear copper(II) complexes for glycoside hydrolysis, Inorg. Chem. 2010, 49(6), 2639-2648.

Last updated: 07/11/2012