Orlando Acevedo
S. D. and Karen H. Worley Associate Professor

Phone: (334) 844-6549

E-mail: orlando.acevedo@auburn.edu

Web: Group Research Page

Duquesne University, Ph.D., 2003
Yale University, Postdoctoral Associate, 2003-2006

2014 S. D. and Karen H. Worley Endowed Professorship
2014 COSAM Young Faculty Scholar Award
2011 Golden Key International Honour Society Honorary Member
2010 ACS ChemLuminary Award ("Instant Supercomputer!" workshop, COMP Division)
2008 Hewlett-Packard Outstanding Junior Faculty Award, (ACS)
2004 IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists

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Theoretical and computational chemistry, solvent effects, ionic liquids, drug design, software development

CypA/B with bound inhibitor.Our research program focuses upon the application and development of new computational tools that target organic and enzymatic catalyst design, alternative environmentally friendly solvent design, and drug discovery. Fundamental problems in organic and medicinal chemistry are probed, such as elucidation of enzymatic reactions, controlling enantioselectivity for chrial compounds, transition structure prediction, de novo drug design of high-affinity inhibitors, and origins of solvent effects. Please see our website at http://www.auburn.edu/cosam/acevedo for more information.

Last updated: 05/04/2015