Additional Information and Resources

An Online Guide for Student Veterans: Get Hired in Healthcare

According to Wes Harris of, making the transition from military to civilian life can be a challenge for veterans, and finding their next career move even more of one. Fortunately, many career fields are a natural fit for a veteran's skills, experience and disposition, including healthcare:

The guide covers the entire process for making the move to a civilian healthcare career, including:

- How to identify healthcare careers that are the best match for your military skills, experience and title
- Advice for choosing military-friendly schools, including those participating in veteran financial aid programs like the GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon Program
- Taking advantage of transition assistance programs (TAPs) offered by each branch of the military 
- Tips on marketing yourself and highlighting your strengths as a veteran


Professional Resources for Women and Minorities in STEM: STEM Study

The following is a list of valuable resources related to academic and career development for traditionally underrepresented individuals in STEM fields: