COSAM Facilities

COSAM Facilities

Sciences Center Classrooms Building

Sciences Center Classrooms

First opened for use in Fall 2005. Classrooms and administrative offices.

EASL Classroom

EASL Classroom

Sciences Center Auditorium


First opened for use in Fall 2005. Lecture hall for undergraduate lectures with 300 seats. The COSAM mosaic is located inside the SCA:


Sciences Center Laboratory


First opened for use in Fall 2005. Undergraduate laboratories. 

Chemistry Building


Parker Hall


Leach Science Center

Leach Science Center

The new Leach Science Center is a home for core research at Auburn University.

It offers 62,500 square-feet for the Department of Physics with endless opportunities for student engagement. The entire building was designed with students in mind. Faculty and students can easily collaborate before and after classes with study areas throughout the building. Don't worry about looking for a plug to charge your laptop or device. The new Leach Science Center has areas for students to conveniently charge their devices.

The facility offers a rooftop telescope terrace and corresponding classroom on the third floor where students can remotely control the telescope stations.

Funchess Hall


Funchess Hall was built using Amendment V funds as approved by the 1957 Alabama Legislature and was dedicated in 1961.

Rouse Life Science Building


Built in 1992, the Rouse Life Sciences Building was named for Dennis Rouse, former agriculture dean and Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station director.

Biodiversity Learning Center

Museum of Natural History

Donald E. Davis Arboretum

Donald E. Davis led efforts to establish the Arboretum in 1963. With an extensive collection of native plants, an abundance of wildlife and an open-air pavilion, it is an ideal place for many types of environmental education.